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NEXIV VMZ-K3040 - Ground-breaking multi-functional confocal video measuring system

nikon metrology vision systems confocal VMZ K3040It incorporates confocal technology, brightfield with a 15X zoom, and TTL Laser AF. No matter what geometrical measurements you need–two-dimensional or three-dimensional–inspection and evaluation is exceptionally fast and accurate with this system!
The Confocal NEXIV can be optimally used for measurements of a variety of bump heights on advanced IC packages such as wafer-level CSP, as well as for the inspection of highly complicated structures of MEMS and probe card.


  • Simultaneous wide-area height measurement with Nikon proprietary confocal optics
  • 2D measurement with 15x brightfield zoom optics
  • Fully compatible with 300 mm wafer measurement at semiconductor fabs
  • General model for a wide range of needs


  • IC Packages: Flip Chip/COF(Bump)/COG, CSP (FBGA)/SIP (Bump, Wire), Interposer (Pad height)
  • MEMS
  • Probe Card (Silicon Probe, Au Probe)
  • Precise Glass Components (Micro Lens, Contact Lens)
  • Photo Spacer Width/Height for Color Filter for FPD Panel
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Exemples de mesure

nikon metrology vision systems bright field VMZ K6555Bright Field  nikon metrology vision systems confocal image VMZ K6555Confocal Image  nikon metrology vision systems 3d cf image VMZ K65553D CF Image 
 nikon metrology vision systems edf image VMZ K6555EDF Image  nikon metrology vision systems csp bump height and size VMZ K6555CSP-Bump Height and Size  nikon metrology vision systems bonding wire loop height VMZ K6555Bonding Wire-Loop Height

Confocal objective lenses

Confocal Objective Lenses Type-S: 1.5x - W.D. 35mm, 3x - W.D. 24mm, 7.5x - W.D. 5mm
Confocal Objective Lenses Type-H: 15x - W.D. 20mm, 30x - W.D. 5mm

Objective lens
Magnification 3x 7.5x 15x 30x
W.D. 24mm 5mm 20mm 5mm
Confocal optics (area height measure)
Field of view 4 x 3mm 1.6 x 1.2mm 0.8 x 0.6mm 0.4 x 0.3mm
Height measurement repeatability (2σ) 0.35µm 0.25µm 0.25µm 0.20µm
Height measurement resolution 0.01µm      
Brightfield optics (2D measurement)
Zooming method Motorized 5-step zoom
Field of view 4 x 3mm to 0.27 x 0.2mm 1.6 x 1.2mm to 0.11 x 0.08mm 1.26 x 0.95mm to 0.1 x 0.074mm 0.63 x 0.47mm to 0.05 x 0.04mm
Illumination White LED diascopic and episcopic illuminator for all types, White LED ring light for type 3x and 7.5x
Auto focus Vision AF and TTL laser AF (Scan Mode available)
Main body
Stroke (X, Y, Z) 300 x 400 x 150mm
Guaranteed loading capacity 20kg
Maximum permissible error MPEE1X 1.5 + 2.5L/1000µm
Maximum permissible error MPEE1Y 2.5 + 2.5L/1000µm
Maximum permissible error of Z axis MPEE1Z 1 + L/1000µm
Main unit weight 850kg
Power source/power consumption AC 100 to 240 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz / 13A to 6.5A
Operating condition Temperature: 20°C ± 0.5K, Humidity: 70% or less
Acquired standard CE marking (low voltage/EMC/laser)
Footprint 2500 x 1600mm


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