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Eléments de transmission

nikonmetrology automotive powertrain components scanMachined surfaces of engine and transmission components face tight dimensional and form tolerances. The best way to measure cylinder head flatness and bore cylindricity is to take a large quantity of accurate surface points.

In this case, the non-contact HN-C3030 with non-contact laser scanner is the best solution for gear inspection. The HN-C3030 is specifically developed for fast and high accuracy measurement of complex shapes and gear types, including hypoid gears, bevel gears, helical gears, spur gears.  Compared to the traditional tactile probing, the dense 3D scans provide better insight into complex shape geometry and even reveal surface imperfections (e.g. waviness, machining traces) that cause of undesired vibrations or high frequency noise.

nikonmetrology automotive powertrain components revoAlso an LK CMM equipped with a REVO or n analog scanning probe is a performance solution. NEXIV hardware and software support specialized gear evaluation based on pitch deviations, tooth space runout, base tangent length, and dimension over pin.

The inspection of cast engine and transmission housings through laser scanning yields maximum surface information in the shortest possible time. Focus' graphic CAD comparison charts provide powerful insight into local surface deviation, resulting in fewer iteration steps. CAMIO software fully supports Nikon Metrology LC and XC laser scanners on LK CMMs and most 3rd party CMMs.




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