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Service Support Design Engineer

I wish to apply for: Service Support Design Engineer

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Job purpose:

As a Service Support Design Engineer you will report to the Documentation Manager to provide the Xray
service documentation for field upgrades and repairs, drawings, parts lists, checklists and support
information as required and specified by the Tring Service Department.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Work with Documentation Manager to follow correct procedures.
  • Create and maintain field service documentation to a high standard of quality and in a timely manner.
  • Attend occasional training sessions in Tring and shadow build engineers to document relevant procedures.
  • Create and maintain checklists to cover the installation/test procedures.
  • Create and maintain document control information in BMS format.
  • Produce training documentation for correct use of service equipment.
  • Follow requirements from X-ray Service Department to document safe handling procedures.


A technical degree plus 3 years’ relevant experience in technical documentation and engineering


A) Core competencies of the company

Be pro-active:

  • Broad minded and well informed in order to act quickly and resolutely.
  • Plan your own workload and take the lead when necessary.
  • Show attention to detail within your work, creating the highest quality.
  • Cost reduction using efficient content management processes.
  • Implementation of procedures to align documentation with latest audit standards.
  • Management of documentation records.

Seek new knowledge:

  • Pioneer new potential through self-study and insatiable curiosity.
  • Come up with ideas to improve product and procedures.
  • Continuously search for potential improvements.
  • Liaise with other departments to learn about current best practice.

Communicate well:

  • Harmonize diverse skills by thinking out of the box and communicating effectively with others.
  • Creating clear instructions for others via procedures and meetings.
  • Display social skills to work very efficiently with team members and beyond.
  • Bring technical discussions to the Tring Service team meetings.
  • Consistent attention to detail.

Display integrity:

  • Work with diligence and sincerity as a responsible individual.
  • Be an asset to the engineering team in being reliable and trustworthy, so your opinion is valued by the other team members

Embrace diversity:

  • Welcome and value different talents, perspectives and diverse cultures.
  • Develop skills to use new software when necessary.

B) Specific competencies/skills/abilities required for the job


  • General engineering experience to understand field service requirements
  • Project management experience – analysis and research.
  • General understanding of X-ray systems and technology.
  • Performance of inspection and testing of X-ray machines to ensure compliance.
  • Creating technical documentation using a Content Management System


  • At least 3 years of documentation experience in academic or industrial environment, which may be gained through writing reports and a dissertation or thesis.
  • Proficiency with software tools: Microsoft Word, Excel, and LabView, Polyworks or similar.
  • Sufficient understanding of the business processes in other departments to align documentation accordingly and provide assistance where required.
  • Experience with solving engineering problems, particularly relating to good practice.

Working environment/ physical requirements

A current valid UK driving licence is required for occasional travel to Tring, and overnight stops will sometimes be necessary.

Budget responsibility

There is no direct budget responsibility for this role. Contribution to reduce service support costs by improving documentation is a key to this role.

Why Nikon Metrology?

At Nikon Metrology, our success is achieved by our employees. Clearly defined common goals, objectives, and priorities, create a foundation to work with pride and confidence. Our employees highly value the supportive and collaborative working environment and we share our passion for technology and innovation. The global Nikon talent programme, will support you to fulfil your potential.

To apply for this position, please send a covering letter and your curriculum vitae to