CNC Video Measuring System NEXIV VMZ-H3030 - High-precision Model

The NEXIV VMZ-H3030 achieves measurement at the highest precision of the NEXIV series, as well as advanced usability and performance.

VMZ H3030

Key benefits 

  • 5 types of optical zooming systems
  • 8-segment ring illuminator with three incident angles
  • Easy to use, streamlined software
  • Highest measurement precision
  • Advanced usability and performance


  • Mechanical parts (household and autmotive)
  • PCBs
  • Molds
  • Electronic parts
  • High density package substrate (line, width, height)
  • Wafer pattern (WLP, bump height, rewiring mask, MEMS mask)

NEXIV model with the highest precision

  • EUX, MPE, EUY,MPE : 0.6 + 2L / 1000 um
  • EUZ, MPE : 0.9 + L / 150 um
  • XYZ Stroke: 300×300×150 mm

Ventajas y características

Zooming heads

5 types of optical zoom systems

Type 1, 2, and 3 provide clear and low distortion image and high N. Type 4 and TZ are designed to cover high magnification, 5 types are available to choose from to cover different fields of view and resolution requirements.

 Zooming head Optical magnification Applications
 Type 1  0.5X - 7.5X Molds, mechanical parts (household, automotive), PCB, electronic parts, parts
 Type 2  1X - 15X
 Type 3  2X - 30X Electronic parts
 Type 4  4X - 60X High density package substrate (line, width, height)
 Type TZ  1X - 120X  Wafer pattern (WLP, bump heingt, rewiring mask, MEMS mask)


smp machinepart2Finely machined part

smp machinepartnewFinely machined part

smp metalMolded part








8-segment ring illuminator with three incident angles

The three different angles allow the ring illuminator to accurately capture edges. All illuminations employ white LED and provide stability and long life.

VMZ H ringB37° WD: 50 mm

VMZ H ringA55° WD: 36 mm

VMZ H ringC78° WD: 10 mm






*For Type 4 and Type TZ, please refer to Specifications Chart of PG4



Easy to use, streamlined software

Provides enhanced ease of use with the customizable GUI and versatility based on Nikon’s years of extensive experience in developing the NEXIV series.

GUI profilerX1Profiler

  GUI mapmeasure1MapMeasure Pro









Model VMZ-H3030
XYZ Strokes 300x300x150 mm
Minimum readout 0.01 μm
Maximum sample weight 30 kg (Accuracy guaranteed: 10 kg)
Maximum permissible error (for samples under 20 kg) EUX,MPE EUY,MPE: 0.6+2L /1000 μm
EUXY,MPE: 0.9+3L /1000 μm
EUZ,MPE: 0.9+L /150 μm
Accuracy guaranteed temperature 20 °C ± 0.5 K
Maximum driving speed XY, Z 100 mm/s , 50 mm/s
Minimum driving speed XY, Z 0.01 mm/s , 0.001 mm/s
Camera VGA 1/3“ B/W, Color, XGA 1/3“ B/W, Color *Color camera option is available only with Type 1, 2 and 3.
Working distance Type 1, 2, 3: 50 mm (10 mm when using 75 degree LED illumination) / Type 4: 30 mm
Type TZ: 31 mm (low magnification), 11 mm (high magnification)
Magnification and FOV Type 1: 0.5~7.5×/9.33×7.01~0.622×0.467 mm Type 2: 1~15×/4.67×3.5~0.311×0.233 mm
Type 3: 2~30×/2.33×1.75~0.155×0.117 mm Type 4: 4~60×/ 1.165×0.875~0.078×0.058 mm
Type TZ: 1~120×/4.67×3.5~0.039×0.029 mm
Autofocus TTL Laser AF/Image AF
Type 1, 2, 3, and 4 Episcopic, diascopic, and 8-segment ring with 3 angles *All white LED/Type 4 has only 1 angle
Type TZ Episcopic, diascopic, darkfield
Power source AC 100 - 240 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 5 A - 2.5 A
Dimensions & weight 
Main body with table (WxDxH) 1000×1125×1750 mm / approx. 500 kg
Controller 190×450×440 mm / approx. 20 kg
Footprint 3000×2800 mm



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