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Additive manufacturing for aerospace components

nikon metrology industries additive manufacturing ct for additive manufacturingManufacturing standards are the highest in the aerospace industry and this drives the need for a powerful and repeatable quality control process. Manufacturers expect that 3D printing will soon be used in high-volume production. Introducing components at a lighter weight, without compromising strength, metal printed parts offer many significant advantages.

However, it is essential to know if voids or inclusions are present, how large they are and where they occur as well as whether the dimensions of a part conform to the design. For this, Computed Tomography, or ‘micro-CT’ is the unrivalled solution. Micro-CT can determine the cooling and flow channels built in by additive manufacturing to an accuracy of 50 μm to 100 μm.


Read the case story:

Sintavia is an independent metal AM company. Serving aerospace, automotive, and oil & gas industries, Sintavia uses Nikon CT to have full control over the additive manufacturing process. Read the full story below.

Sintavia gets the inside track with micro-CT


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