Nikon Metrology - Upcoming events - March & April


Over the next few months, Nikon Metrology is hosting and attending many events around the world. If you would like to experience the Nikon Metrology solutions with an interactive demonstration or discuss your applications, find your nearest location below and come along to meet the team.

Experience an interactive demonstration at Nikon Metrology events.ModelMaker H120 digital laser scanner demonstration at Nikon Metrology exhibition.


Over the coming months, Nikon Metrology will exhibit at the tradeshows and events below. Come and meet the team, discuss your applications and experience product demonstrations to find out more about what Nikon Metrology has to offer.



  • Industrie Lyon - 5th-8th March - Lyon, France.
  • Open House Alzenau - 12th March - Alzenau, Germany.
  • AM Expo 2019 - 12th-13th March - Luzern, Switzerland.
  • Additive Manufacturing Forum Berlin 2019 - 14-15th March - Berlin, Germany.
  • AMPER - 19th-22nd March - Brno, Czech Republic.
  • Duwe 3D Polyworks Anwendertreffen 2019 - 19th-21st March - Lindau am Bodensee, Germany.
  • Mikpräp - 20th March - Solingen, Germany.
  • MECSPE - 28th-30th March - Parma, Italy.


  • Volume Graphics User Group Meeting (UGMNA 2019) - 3rd-4th April - Charlotte NC, USA.
  • Automate 2019 - 8th-11th April - Chicago IL, USA.
  • China International Machine Tools Show (CIMT2019) - 15th-20th April - Beijing, China.
  • Develop 3D Live - 17th April - Sheffield, UK.
  • INTERMOLD 2019 - 17th-20th April - Tokyo, Japan.
  • PolyWorks Conference USA - 24th-25th April - Novi MI, USA.



Find out more about the solutions Nikon Metrology will be presenting at these events.

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