The HN-C3030 delivers high-speed, high-precision, non-contact gear inspection


The HN-C3030 delivers high-speed, high-precision, non-contact gear inspectionNikon Metrology introduces the non-contact HN-C3030 3D measuring system for precise, high-speed measurement of complex components including gears, impellers, turbine blades and more. With the HN-C3030, featuring an advanced laser scanner, Nikon is making a leap forward in ultra-fast shape evaluation compared to traditional tactile measurement methods. By scanning and comparing the complete shape to the original CAD file, customers obtain better insights in product conformity resulting in faster problem-solving and earlier go-to-market.

nikon metrology hn c3030Introducing an all-new 64-bit platform

Due to the development of more complex components, the demand for high speed, precise measuring of these parts has also increased. As a long-established manufacturer of high-quality optical instruments, Nikon now introduces the HN-C3030, a next-generation non-contact inspection system. In order to achieve the highest precision, Nikon has developed special optics for the laser scanner that also enables scanning of glossy or dark surfaces without manual preparation, such as powder spraying.

High-precision five axis control for optimum scanning angles

The precise positioning by the synchronised 5-axis hardware control is an important element to deliver the accurate measuring results. The HN-C3030 controls a high-precision 3-axis drive system, as well as an unlimited angular rotary stage and a laser scanner swing arm with an arc angle of -20° to +135°. This enables laser scanning of wide areas covering top and side surfaces, and even bottom surfaces, of parts. In addition, the direction of the laser scanner can be changed (-180° to +180° rotatable), allowing scans of various shapes from optimum angles.

A calculated combination of speed and accuracy

Nikon Metrology’s compact HN-C3030 solution is capable of inspecting all toothed surfaces on a single automotive bevel gear in only 5 minutes. The laser scanner acquires surface point clouds at a rate of 120,000 points per second. This is a massive multiple of the number of points that are measured using classical tactile inspection. The result is a full 3D scan of the part, while tactile scanning only provides individual points or scan lines. This detailed 3D digital copy provides not only full shape or section information, but also deep insight into the surface waviness and tooth wear, hardly detectable by tactile measurement.

Powerful acquisition software combined with advanced analysis

The main HN-C3030 software features acquisition and analysis tools for optimum scanning of various sizes, shapes and surface conditions. Comparison of acquired point clouds to original CAD file provides colourful, easy-to-interpret 3D deviation reports. However, for more advanced gear inspection, dedicated gear software enables easy creation of teaching files and gear tooth analysis in the same format as with conventional contact gear measuring systems.

The highly operable solution for a variety of applications

The HN-C3030 particularly excels in the measurement of highly detailed, complex shapes such as hypoid, bevel, helical and all other types of gears with a maximum diameter of 300mm. It is also suitable for inspection of impellers, blades, oils seals, hob cutters etc. The HN-C3030 system isn’t restricted to use inside of temperature controlled rooms. At facilities such as production sites, the HN-C3030 can be used as a shop floor system when equipped with the optional thermal regulator.