PRESS RELEASE: CMM-Manager 3.8 for CMM, portable measuring and iNEXIV


Nikon Metrology, market leader in optical measurement systems, releases CMM-Manager version 3.8 on July 27, 2018. This latest release includes support for Nikon NEXIV VMZ-R, new Microsoft VBScript engine, several vision measurement enhancements, continued I++ enhancements including support for latest Renishaw UCC Server, new Alignment operations, and 64-bit build of CMM-Manager application.

“Starting from a customer request in 2011, we’ve expanded the list of CMM-Manager plug-n-play devices by adding support for Nikon Nexiv VMA and VMZ-R video measurement systems all while maintaining support of traditional CMMs and portable metrology systems. This unified software solution allows our customers to learn and successfully operate a wide range of metrology systems,” said Nathan Frost, Application Software Product Manager of Nikon Metrology.


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Nikon Nexiv VMZ-R

Support for Nikon Nexiv VMZ-R includes three standard magnification zooming heads – Type 1, 2 & 3 each have unique 15x magnification ranges. Camera options include color, black & white, VGA and XGA sensors. Standard magnification systems include 8 segment inner and movable outer LED ring light, as well as episcopic and diascopic illuminators. High speed TTL Laser AF sensor yields fast surface measurement for 3D and irregular surfaces.

64-bit Application

CMM-Manager is now available as 32-bit and 64-bit application. 64-bit support prepares CMM-Manager for improved large CAD model support, is a stepping stone for large point cloud measurement, and future support of new sensors and systems such as Laser Scanner, x-ray / CT, and Laser Radar.

Vision Measurement

We’ve completed Phase IV of vision enhancements that started in 2015 with the added support of Nikon iNexiv / VMA. Pattern recognition now includes option to locate Trained image including up to 360 degrees of rotation, allows work-piece or features to have positional and rotational deviation from one program execution to the next. Light Intensity Calibration allows execution of vision program on several Nexiv or iNexiv systems while automatically adjusting light intensity to account for unique lighting conditions on each system. Vision Measurement Error Recovery allows improved unattended program execution and automatically captures .PNG image of failed edge and pattern measurements. EDF (Extended Depth Field) and Stitching image acquisition are now available for exporting and reconstructing images in Nikon Imaging Express. User Interface is improved with resizable Live Camera View window and easier access to Vision and Laser AF tools.

New VBScript Engine

Replaced the outdated Cypress Enable VBScript engine with a modern and widely utilized Microsoft Active Scripting Engine. This new VBScript engine adds new VBScript functionality and maintains legacy support for custom dialog creation and CMM-Manager VBScript commands used to exchange measurement data between Script and CMM-Manager program.

I++ DME / UCC Server

Added support for Renishaw UCC Server / Suite up to version 5.4. Deva 036 USB camera now supported on CMM with UCC / I++ controller. Improved I++ / X Path sync by adding partial sync function. Full I++ sync only occurs as needed. Improved Star Probe index mapping to Renishaw UCC Server eliminates need to manually specify Star Probe index.


New Cloud-to-Curve Alignment is similar to existing Cloud-to-CAD Alignment but uses 2D CAD curves instead of 3D CAD surfaces. Now all systems can take advantage of Leap Frog function, previously only available for manual portable systems; allows users to manually replace part or machine in new location during program execution. This is useful for small DCC systems such as zCat for inspection of work-piece that is larger than measurement volume.


History of Vision measurement capabilities in CMM-Manager

  • 2004
    • Added multi-sensor vision support via retrofit camera on traditional CMM
    • Added CAD based vision measurement
  • 2005
    • Added “tool magic” – allows user to pick feature for measurement from Live Camera View
    • Added DCC / automatic vision measurement
    • Added programmable vision auto-focus
    • Added support for zoom camera lens
  • 2007
    • Added programmable lighting controls and edge threshold
  • 2011
    • Added dual monitor support for Live Camera View
    • Added support for offline vision inspection by importing image
    • Added touch probe only support for Nikon iNexiv / VMA
  • 2015
    • Added multi-sensor support for Nikon iNexiv / VMA
    • Added rotary indexer support for iNexiv
  • 2016
    • Continued development of iNexiv specific functionality (Phase II)
  • 2017
    • Continued development of iNexiv specific functionality (Phase III)
    • Added simulated Live Camera View – uses 3D CAD to simulate Camera View for offline programming
  • 2018
    • Added support for Nikon Nexiv VMZ-R
    • Continued development of iNexiv / Nexiv specific functionality (Phase IV)



Latest CMM-Manager downloads here.