NM3D Iberica introduces its Excellence Service Center


NM3D IBERICA is a dimensional metrology global solutions provider, focused on the distribution of NIKON METROLOGY measuring solutions. Watch the video here as the Excellence Service Center is unveiled.



The company strategy at NM3D Iberica is to develop its sales team and the technical support to the clients, both hardware and software. So that this support is effective, the company has created an Excellence Service Center, where the clients may come to test the equipment, and technicians may provide dimensional metrology services.

The available equipment includes the NIKON XT H 225 CT system, a NIKON iNEXIV 2520 video measuring machine, a NIKON H120 handheld scanner on MCAx 2.5 articulated arm and the NIKON CMM laser scanners on ALTERA CMMs.

The NM3D’s Excellence Service Center is open from 08:30 am to 18:00 pm, 5 days a week to support any industrial measurement demand or clients questions.



To learn more about NM3D’s service portfolio or to obtain a quote, please contact sac@nm3diberica.com.

For more information about NM3D Iberica, check out the website here.