Nikon’s global X-ray User Forum addresses CT in Industry 4.0


Nikon Metrology and Nikon Corporation recently held its first global X-ray User Forum at Tring, UK. Customers from around the world were invited to share their implementation of CT technology and review applications and new practices consistent with the demands of Industry 4.0.

The attendees and speakers at Nikon's global X-ray User Forum in Tring, UK.

The goal of the User Forum was to create a common platform for Nikon and its customers, allowing for learnings and further advancement within CT (computed tomography) technology and applications. Customers active in aerospace, automotive and medical industries, as well as additive manufacturing and research institutes participated in the event. Attendees took the time to share their X-ray and CT applications, hold cross-sector discussions relative to X-ray technology and learn how to get the best out of the systems they’re working with. A selection of speakers introduced the theme of Quality 4.0 and the combination of a digital, automated and connected manufacturing process.

In Industry 4.0, manufacturers aim to establish a more efficient design to manufacturing process with a new role for inspection , defined by the term ‘Quality 4.0’. The common goal is no longer to only check quality, but to consistently deliver the right quality, by better controlling the manufacturing process. The Nikon X-ray User Forum encouraged clients to address this topic by sharing their experiences with X-ray and CT inspection systems and to talk about current trends and future demands. Through discussing similar challenges, customers exchanged ideas and practices to help each other and together benefit from the experiences of fellow CT users with different applications.

The User Forum was well received amongst the customers invited, and Nikon aims to continue this activity with increasing customer engagement. By encouraging customers to give their feedback, Nikon actively seeks to develop the ideal platform for stimulating productive discussions and advancing users’ insight. Continuous improvement ensures future events will be innovative and inspire customers to discover fresh ideas and benefit from productively interacting with Nikon, and one another.



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