Nikon Metrology presents at iCT 2019


From 13-15th February, Nikon Metrology will present at iCT 2019 - the 9th International Conference on industrial Computed Tomography, in Padova, Italy.

 The 2019 International Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography (iCT 2019) is the ninth edition of the iCT conference series, which represents a key appointment for networking and knowledge exchange in the field of Industrial Computed Tomography.

Multiple micro-and mini-focus X-ray sources combined in a large-envelope CT system. Find out more at iCT 2019. Multiple micro- and mini-focus X-ray sources combined in a large-envelope CT system.

At this year's event, Chris Price of Nikon Metrology will present on a variety of topics surrounding the benefits that Nikon CT offers in the 'Industry Talks' section. The presentation explores the broad range of industries and various applications for which CT is a vital solution. This presentation will also visit the different sources and configurations available with Nikon Metrology, and how they can be customized or integrated to achieve the desired results for unique requirements.

Herminso Villarraga-Gómez of Nikon Metrology, Inc., US will also speak in the 'Metrology' section on 'Uncertainty for uncorrected measurement results in X-ray computed tomography'. Herminso has worked on many scientific papers concerning Computed Tomography over the years and has a vast amount of knowledge surrounding CT. Take a look at some of his work via the links below.

Nikon Metrology welcomes all visitors at their booth on iCT for an interactive discussion on latest applications.

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