Measurement room of the future


Nikon Metrology is proud to support the BMW Group’s body shop at Dingolfing. As Industry 4.0 introduces a new era of digitalisation, BMW has developed a new and innovative, fully automated inline measurement cell for quality control. Featuring the Laser Radar, the multiple measurement cell combines a whole range of industry leading measuring solutions for full geometric inspection of vehicle body parts.


In the past, body-in-white measurements have been performed in two phases. Firstly on the production line with low accuracy sensors to monitor the process, and secondly in a dedicated metrology room with offline CMMs and other measurement systems. This is typically very time consuming and requires extra manual work for fixturing and alignment leading to a disjointed process.

BMW’s new inline multiple measurement cell streamlines this phase by integrating the measurement process into the production flow and can operate 24/7 if required. The inline measurement cell features four robots and a range of innovative measurement methods, including the Laser Radar. The Laser Radar is used to measure the geometry of the car body to ensure all 300 bolts are present and correctly positioned in the floor of the car body in only 20 minutes. The process of the inline measurement cell greatly improves productivity and enables a higher quality output.

To find out more, read the German press release here.


Automated body-in-white inspection with the Laser Radar

Laser Radar provides accurate absolute inline measurements and faster feedback of quality information. The better and more regular the measured data is provided, the more tightly a production line can be controlled. This is especially true in car plants, where the increase in quality and repeatability is effective in production, prototyping and ramp-up phases, ultimately leading to a much shorter time-to-market for a new vehicle.