Noticias - 2015


New Case Story: Nikon microscope enables more efficient rock sample categorisation

CASP researchers choose “brilliant” stereomicroscope for geological research

CASP is a non-profit, charitable trust carrying out field- literature-, and analysis-based geological research in prospective hydrocarbon basins. Funding comes entirely from subscriptions by the oil and gas industry. CASP members of staff publish the results of their research in internationally renowned peer-reviewed scientific journals after a suitable delay.


New Case Story: Open University establishes world lead in weld testing for safety-critical applications

Nikon Metrology photomicrography equipment supports high precision stress-strain analysis at elevated temperatures and under vacuum

To assist research into optimal procedures for welding aero engine fan blades, nuclear pressure vessels and other safety-critical fabrications, a new material testing capability has been developed at the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK. The digital image correlation-based technique uses digital images to measure spatially resolved deformation of test samples at elevated temperatures under vacuum. This method allows material property data of rapidly oxidising materials to be obtained at temperatures up to 900°C. The data can then be used to predict in-service deformation behaviour.


Nikon Metrology announces new benchtop SEM JCM-6000Plus NeoScope™

Equipped with high-sensitivity semiconductor detector, delivering Fast and efficient analysis

The new benchtop scanning electron microscope, JCM-6000Plus NeoScope™, is designed to fulfill the diversifying needs of customers. The JCM-6000Plus is the third generation of the popular NeoScope benchtop SEM designed for convenience and ease of use. Nikon and JEOL have established a firm partnership in 2008 and this combination of experience and technology helps customers to obtain better insight in their products and increase the daily productivity.


New Case Story: Faster inspection and reporting with 3D laser scanning

Automotive and aerospace pressings specialist invests in bridge-type and portable arm CMMs for freeform surface data acquisition

A significant increase in orders for the supply of prototype pressings and bracketry, notably to Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), has prompted Birmingham Prototypes to install two multi-sensor co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Nikon Metrology. The goal was not only to measure the sheet metal parts more quickly but more importantly to speed subsequent report generation. The investment has also resulted in the establishment of a new subcontract service offering laser scanning and inspection work.


New Case Story: Rugby Worldcup trophy within the eye of a needle

At the occasion of the 2015 Rugby World cup in England, the microscopy artist Willard Wigan from Birmingham (UK) created a hand-sculpted trophy that fits inside the eye of a needle. This remarkable micro-sculpture is submillimetre in size.  To closely watch his micro-scale movements while working, the artist uses a Nikon SMZ 18 stereo microscope.


Groundbreaking CMM-Manager 3.5 software now available for Nikon Metrology iNexiv Vision Measuring Equipment

Nikon Metrology announces CMM-Manager 3.5 for Nikon’s iNexiv vision measuring equipment. With a powerful and user-friendly interface, CMM-Manager 3.5 integrates vision measuring, autofocus laser scanning, rotary indexing, and touch probing to provide a true 3D multi-sensor system for inspecting physical products based on 3D CAD models.


New Case Story: Nikon metrology addresses the challenges of inspecting graphene

In recognition of the importance of graphene, the new wonder material that is ultra-light and flexible yet 200 times stronger than steel, Nikon Metrology focuses on providing inspection solutions for research of these new industrial materials and its application areas. The purpose of this document is to advise on excellent, proven methods for optically examining and measuring features on graphene in its raw and processed states.


New Case Story: Studio takes photomicrographs of minerals to produce stunning art

Nikon Metrology stereoscopic microscope fitted with a moving stage and high resolution camera replaces desktop scanner to transform image quality

Professor Richard Weston, a renowned architect,lecturer and author of numerous books on architecture and mineralogy, has harnessed the latter interest to form a company,Richard Weston Studio,specialising in creating aesthetic designs and artworks from small specimens of minerals, fossils and stones. In 2011 he was described by a UK newspaper, theIndependent on Sunday, as "the breakout star of Britain's Next Big Thing", a BBC2 TV series in which the buying teams of three high street giants asked the public to supply them with the next bestselling products.


New Case Story: Subcontractor upgrades metrology department and offers service to other manufacturers

Nisan Engineering installs new ALTERA CMM and retrofits  Mitutoyo machine with CMM-Manager software


Nikon Metrology Laser Radar, the next-generation CMM for shop floor automotive BIW inspection

With the need for shorter and more flexible production cycles, automotive manufacturers  are  continuously  looking  to  cut  time  and  costs  whilst improving product  quality.  Nikon Metrology – in close cooperation with key automotive OEM and integration partners- addresses these challenges by introducing an innovative approach to body-in-white (BIW) inspection based upon its non-contact Laser Radar system.

This shop floor system provides accurate, dimensional measurements in the car coordinate system allowing direct comparison to CAD without the need for a reference part. Unlike horizontal-arm CMM, its high-speed measurements fit within short production cycle times. At the same time it is a more flexible solution to adapt with changes in model mix and factory layout.


ALTO CMM provides unequalled price/ performance for a wide range of inspection tasks

Nikon Metrology broadens their CMM portfolio with the ALTO CMM, a series of small, aluminum design bridge CMMs. ALTO is the perfect inspection solution for manufacturers seeking a cost-effective CMM with easy-to-use software for a variety of measurement tasks. From first article to final inspection, fixture calibration to troubleshooting, ALTO is the perfect quality control tool for inspection and production departments.


Nikon L100, the ultimate CMM laser scanner combining productivity and accuracy

Nikon L100, the ultimate CMM laser scanner combining productivity and accuracy

Nikon Metrology introduces its latest CMM laser scanner, the Nikon L100. Since 20 years, Nikon Metrology pioneered laser scanning and gradually sharpened the capabilities of this non-contact measuring technology. Nikon’s superior optics combined with innovative camera technology resulted in this new, groundbreaking Nikon scanner. The L100 CMM laser scanner offers the best possible combination of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use. Suited for both surface and feature measurement, even on shiny or multi-material parts, the L100 quickly delivers accurate data and insightful part-to-CAD comparison reports.


New Case Story: Nikon’s VMA System Speeds Inspection by a Factor of 60

EDM subcontractor and toolmaker installs Nikon Metrology CNC video measuring to speed accreditation to AS9100 aerospace quality management standard


New Case Story: Nikon’s VMZ-R System Ensures Diamond Quality for Waterjets

A CNC video measuring system from Nikon Metrology helps Diamond Technology Innovations produce a more accurate diamond waterjet orifice.


New Case Story: Foam gaskets seals in the line of fire

Kiekert AG, the global leader for automobile door lock systems, now uses digital cross scanners by Nikon Metrology to test the positions and dimensions of sealing lips on door and rear compartment locks. Tactile inspection methods are unable to correctly measure these touch sensitive and complex free-form components.