Noticias - 2014


X.Tract provides deeper insight in multi-layer PCB assemblies and complex electronic components

X.Tract provides CT-quality inspection results of complex, multi-layer electronics assemblies without slicing them.  In a rapid and user friendly process, itenables virtual micro-sections in any direction in the region-of-interest. X.Tract reveals defects that are obscured in 2D X-ray images of complex components such as Package on Package (PoP) or double sided boards. With X.Tract, users gain better insights leading to reduced false call rates and higher productivity.


Inspect-X 4.1 provides ultra-sharp images and advanced BGA analysis

Inspect-X 4.1, the latest release of the acquisition and analysis software for Nikon Metrology’s range of X-ray and CT systems, provides improved real-time imaging and advanced BGA analysis. The C.Clear real-time image enhancements provide easy-to-interpret images for fast online defect recognition. The new image processing algorithms enable automated BGA analysis and reporting for stacked components and multi-layered boards. Nikon Metrology X-ray systems with Inspect-X 4.1 are ready to handle today’s and tomorrow’s complex electronics boards and components.


Nikon BW-Series White Light Interferometric Microscope System

Building on Nikon’s Industry leading Double Beam Interferometry objectives, Nikon Metrology has launched a series of White Light Interferometry (WLI) Systems, which will set a new the standard in 2D and 3D surface profiling.


DS-Ri2 and DS-Qi2, microscopy digital cameras equipped with a Nikon digital SLR camera FX-format CMOS sensor optimized for microscopy

Nikon Metrology is pleased to announce the release of digital cameras for microscopes DS-Ri2 and DS-Qi2. These are the first Nikon digital cameras for microscopes in the Digital Sight series equipped with a Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor. They offer 16.25-megapixel high-definition images. The DS-Ri2 provides superior color reproduction and fast frame rates. The monochrome model DS-Qi2 enables high-sensitivity, low-noise images.


Unique high voltage 450 kV microfocus CT system for inspection of dense or large parts

The XT H 450 sets a new reference for turbine blade measurement and non-destructive testing and inspection of steel or aluminum cast parts. At the core of this powerful equipment is the in-house designed 450kV microfocus source. It is the only 450 kV microfocus source on the market providing superior resolution and accuracy compared to traditional minifocus sources. The system is available with a flat panel or unique Curved Linear Diode Array detector (CLDA). The CLDA optimizes the collection of X-rays by eliminating scatter phenomena that typically corrupt 2D radiographs of blades and other metal parts.


New stereo microscopes SMZ1270/SMZ1270i and SMZ800N feature enhanced optical performance and operation

New stereo microscopes SMZ1270/SMZ1270i and SMZ800N feature enhanced optical performance and operation

Nikon Metrology  releases 3 new stereomicroscopes: SMZ1270, a stereo microscope with the largest zoom ratio in its class; SMZ1270i, a version of SMZ1270 with intelligent features; and SMZ800N with enhanced optics and operability. With their newly redesigned optics and advanced features, these new stereo microscopes provide incredible optical performance and enhanced operability, enabling researchers to carry out high-magnification, large-zoom-ratio and high-definition imaging with ease. The clarity of the images and improved ease of use will benefit researchers in a variety of fields, from medical to industrial.


New iNEXIV VMA-4540 video measuring systems for precise inspection of larger samples

Nikon Metrology is pleased to announce two new CNC video measuring systems, the iNEXIV VMA-4540V and 4540. These products offer a wide field of view, easy operation, and allow the measurement of both large and tall mechanical parts. The new iNEXIV VMA-4540 CNC Video Measuring Systems will be presented at the CONTROL 2014, the international trade fair for quality assurance.