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Services & support

CMM inspection services

Contract services for 3D dimensional inspection When you are a manufacturer of high-end metal, plastic or composite components or assemblies, Nikon Metrology contract inspection services may be the answer. Inspecting your parts using state-of-the-art...

Worldwide support team

A whole team of highly trained support and application engineers is present to quickly help you solve your questions and issues. Nikon Metrology is a leader in providing world-class metrology solutions for both design and manufacturing communities,...

Inspection services

Multi-sensor metrology

Multi-sensor metrology Regardless whether contact or non-contact scanning is required, Nikon Metrology has a solution designed that provides highly repeatable and accurate scanning results for geometric feature and free-form surface inspection. CMM...

Nikon CMM Technology

Nikon CMM Technology Nikon CMMs: So much more than precision The Nikon Metrology range of Coordinate Measuring Machines represent the ultimate in CMM technology. Designed and manufactured using only the highest quality materials, they carry a heritage...

Select the right scanner

Which scanner is best suited to which application? As a pioneer in laser scanning, Nikon Metrology has years of experience and knowledge in how customers use laser scanners in real-life applications from automotive and aerospace to medical, research...

Better insights, earlier

Better insights, earlier Laser scanning provides highly effective inspection Whatever the product, be it a car, hand drill or mobile phone, customers expect its tightly-toleranced parts to fit together and function perfectly and at the same time be of...

Tactile vs laser scanning

Understanding the differences in feature inspection with tactile probing versus laser scanning Traditionally, laser line scanners are being used for creating digital copies of (generally freeform) objects. The high data rate of optical systems,...

Training Laser scanning

Laser scanning courses: (Please contact Nikon Metrology helpdesk.nm-us@nikon.com for information on the availability of the following laser courses: CAMIO Laser & PCA Focus Scan & Focus Inspection

History of Nikon Metrology

For over 100 years, Nikon has pursued the possibilities of light. Since its founding in 1917, Nikon has harnessed the power of lenses to contribute to the advancement of imaging culture and sciences, as well as the development of industry, creating...

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