Inspect-X Software
X-ray and 3D computed tomography (CT)

Inspect-X is Nikon’s in-house, 6th generation, industry-leading software for X-ray and CT systems. Designed around the user experience, Inspect-X is an advanced, intuitive GUI streamlining workflows for the most productive X-ray CT inspection. Inspect-X for CT scanning on the XT H and large-envelope-system (LES) range features user-friendly workflows to simplify and optimize X-ray CT inspection of any sample. Inspect-X offers interactive visualization to perfect image quality, while also offering automated solutions and advanced scanning modes to produce high resolution, high contrast and high quality data.


Benefits & features

nikon metrology x ray software inspect x3d intuitivectworkflowIntuitive CT workflow

Inspect-X allows seamless transition between radiography and computed tomography (CT), all in one intuitive software. Nikon’s imaging engine C.Clear helps to provide the clearest, sharpest images with real-time enhancements and filters to produce stunning digital X-ray radiography images.

Users can use the same intuitive graphical interface to perfect image quality for 3D CT, with user-friendly workflows. Users can optimize image quality using visual displays of image contrast and resolution. The automatic optimization of projection number helps users maximize image quality for samples at any magnification. With multiple user levels and abilities to save, load, archive and batch scan profiles, Inspect-X is perfect for any user environment.



nikon metrology x ray software inspect x3d worldleadingreconstructiontimeswithctproWorld-leading reconstruction times with CT Pro

Nikon’s in-house CT reconstruction engine is built on reliability and efficiency, with world leading reconstruction times to transform X-ray projection images into high quality 3D data. Nikon Metrology’s CT reconstruction package, CT Pro, comes as standard together with Inspect-X.

CT Pro is an intuitive software that allows users to optimize CT reconstruction, with a range of advanced image enhancement filters and instant slice previews. Users can maximize contrast-to-noise and signal-to-noise ratios in every scan with intelligent artefact removal filters, beam-hardening corrections, scatter reduction, smoothing filters, sharpening filters and automatic center-of-rotation (COR) calculation.

Users can reconstruct any chosen ROI (region of interest) using interactive displays, with expertly configured workstations for supreme performance, all compatible with in-house and leading third-party software.



nikon metrology x ray software inspect x3d helicalx tendscanningmode 2Helical X.Tend scanning mode

X.Tend is an advanced helical CT scanning mode that allows users to extend the height of a CT scan through multiple FOVs (fields of view) in one, seamless continuous scan. The sample moves vertically through the X-ray cone beam while the sample rotates, eliminating the need to take multiple scans. X.Tend allows higher resolution, 3D voxel data in tall samples, as users can increase magnification of the sample.

X.Tend doubles the speed of the CT process for these sample types while providing better image quality with no stitching artefacts. X.Tend acquisition and reconstruction use the same intuitive Inspect-X and CT Pro software for user-friendly workflows and high quality data.


nikon metrology x ray sources graphLarge and dense object scanning modes

Nikon offers multiple scanning modes to produce high-quality data of large, dense and often unwieldy objects. Panel-Scan allows users to scan samples that are too wide for a single FOV, incorporating up to four-position, fast panel scanning (in compatible systems).

Additionally, users can choose partial angle scans, which can provide higher resolution of large samples without having to perform a full 360-degree rotation. Inspect-X incorporates intuitive workflows for scatter-free radiography and CT, in combination with Nikon’s unique curved linear diode array (CLDA) detector. Users can produce stunning, scatter-free images with unrivalled signal-to-noise ratio.


nikon metrology x ray software material thicknessAutomated Detector Evaluation in Accordance with ASTM E2737

The Nikon ASTM E2737 product enables users to evaluate and track the performance of a digital detector within a Nikon X-ray CT system, in accordance with the globally recognized ASTM E2737 standard. This product revolutionizes detector performance evaluation, by streamlining user workflows with fully automated calculation of image quality parameters.

Detector performance evaluation is enhanced by a unique, dedicated section for performance tracking and trend analysis, with full transparency of performance allowing the user to visualize trends before they reach user-defined limits. This can be performed with all of the performance parameters, including spatial resolution, contrast sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and many more.

The product is compatible with the full range of Nikon X-ray CT machines with custom-designed hardware to allow ease of setup, efficient workflows and automated reports.  All performance checks are in accordance with ASTM E2737 standard and is configurable for novice users and expert users. 

nikon metrology offset.ct Offset.CT

In standard CT, the component being scanned must stay within the field-of-view at all times during rotation, in order to reconstruct the full sample in 3D. With Offset.CT, the sample can rotate out of the field-of-view and still be reconstructed, as long as just over half of the sample remains within the field-of-view at any given time.

Offset.CT permits two main benefits to users: 1) increased horizontal field-of-view for CT scanning, meaning that samples wider than the detector can be scanned in one pass, with the detector in a fixed position; and 2) increased geometric magnification of samples, meaning that significantly higher resolution scanning can be achieved.

Offset.CT doubles the speed of the CT process for larger sample types while providing better image quality with no stitching artefacts. Offset.CT acquisition and reconstruction use the same intuitive Inspect-X and CT Pro software for user-friendly workflows, leading reconstruction times and high quality data.