XTH CT Advanced Training - (Inspect-X, CT Pro, and VG Studio Max)

Hands on advanced course using the XTH-225-ST CT system.  Advanced scanning techniques (3 days) focus on scanning parameters, reconstruction, and VG cleanup:

Course Date: 3 Days - Contact us for details
Prerequisites:  None
Cost Per Student: $3,600
Location: X-Ray Training Room
Nikon Metrology, Inc.
12601 Grand River Road
Brighton, MI 48116
(810) 220-4360
Time: Tuesday 8AM – 5PM
Wednesday 8AM – 5PM 
Thursday 8 AM - 5PM
Lunch: Lunch provided

Course Contents:


Inspect-X (CT Dataset Acquisition), CT Pro (CT Dataset Reconstruction), & VG Studio Max (Volume Analysis):

Day 1 - Advanced CT / VG - High Energy Scans, Dense Materials, scatter reduction strategies

Day 2 - Advanced CT / VG - Low Energy Scans, MMT, Mov FID, Gain

Day 3 - Advanced CT / VG - Multi-material Samples