Multi-sensor metrology

Regardless whether contact or non-contact scanning is required, Nikon Metrology has a solution designed that provides highly repeatable and accurate scanning results for geometric feature and free-form surface inspection.


CMM Sensors  - Choose the right probe for the job

Nikon Metrology multi-sensor technology provides manufacturers with greater measurement flexibility and a better understanding of product conformance while increasing CMM throughput.

From traditional single point data collection to state-of-the-art 5 axis scanning, Nikon Metrology supports many different configurations of probe system.

CMMs are equipped with a wide range of tactile measuring probes such as TP20 or TP200 mounted on Renishaw probe heads. These cost-effective tactile measurement solutions are the core of traditional CMM inspection.

When accuracy and high speed are expected, continuous contact scanning solutions such as SP25M or REVO-2 provide feature, form and free-form surface data with the highest productivity.

Finally non-contact laser scanning, with the Nikon Metrology InSight L100, LC15Dx, LC60Dx line scanners or XC Cross Scanners, allows you to scan virtually any component with unequalled levels of performance. Suitable for geometric inspection, free-form surface inspection or reverse engineering, laser scanning is available for everyone. This cost-effective scanning solution enhances traditional CMM inspection to increase productivity.


Contact probing systems

nikon metrology cmm discover sensor contact systems

Non-contact probing Systems

High speed measurement with interactive 3D visualization of deviation from nominal. Non-contact technology eliminates the measurement errors associated with tactile probing.

nikon metrology cmm discover sensor non contact systems


Advanced multi-sensor CMM software

CAMIO is a comprehensive CMM software package, with advanced integrated multi-sensor capability for touch probes, scanning probes and laser scanning. Inspection programs and reports can be created for a wide range of common or specialist applications, both online or offline, using any popular CAD format.

  • Industry standard DMIS inspection programs
  • Inspect geometric features and full freeform surfaces
  • Supports popular CMMs and probe systems via I++ protocol
  • Intuitive workflows and powerful ribbon-style interface
  • Touch probe, scanning probe and laser scanner integration
  • Graphical reporting with SPC and Q-DAS link
  • Gear and blade application software
  • Production line automation

CAMIO offers true multi-sensor capability, allowing best-practice selection of sensor technology for each task. This flexibility improves the quality of the inspection data and reduces CMM cycle times. The Nikon Metrology CMM controller further enhances the capability with high speed continuous motion laser and probe scanning. As needs change, or new sensor technology is introduced, inspection programs can be easily migrated from one technology to another.