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P3D NC-2323S – Compact, easy to use all-in one scanner

nikon metrology portable measuring portable 3d scanner P3DPortable 3D digitizer for rapid creation of digital models with the ease of a photo camera.

Benefits & features

Lightweight, compact, easy-to-use, all-in-one

Nikon’s goal was to create a lightweight, compact, easy-to-use scanner that anyone can use to capture 3D shapes. The P3D incorporates an operating system and quick measurement application, so a PC is not required for simple operations. The width and height of the P3D is less than that of an A4 piece of paper and, at 1.9 kg, it is light enough to carry anywhere.

Incorporates a MEMS-driven mirror

The compact size of the P3D’s main body has been made possible by the use of an LD/Laser diode (690 nm) light source. An MEMS-driven mirror is used to project fringe patterns. 3D scan data can be created quickly from these fringe patterns.

Built-in battery

The compact P3D body uses a battery to allow it to operate for short periods of time without a power supply. The P3D can be used in narrow spaces or at sites where no power supply is available.

Color point cloud output

The P3D’s color camera can capture both color point cloud and shape color cloud data. This data, including color information, can be saved and utilized with a color 3D printer.

Quick Measurements

The compact main body incorporates an LCD touch panel and quick measurement applications. Pitch, cross section creation and measurements are all possible.
Data capture range

Other functions

Image connection-Overlap connection and 2D marker connection If a measurement is not possible with a single shot, the two connection functions can be used depending on the application.

Comes with P3D Viewer software

The included P3D Viewer software can be used to perform point cloud reconstruction, denoising, concatenated data creation and quick measurements. Point cloud data can be output in ASCII, STL, and PLY formats.

Measuring Pattern projection, phase shift method
Projector LD light source MEMS scan method
Stand-off 290 mm
JustFocus 340 mm
Measuring Range 230 x 230 mm Z = ±50 mm (Data concatenation supported)
Measuring Point 512 x 512, 1024 x 1024
Accuracy Maximum permissible errors PFS,MPE PS,MPE PFF,MPE EMPE: 0.3 mm (JIS B 7441-compliant)
Laser Power Class 2
Data Export ASCII, STL, PLY (external output via SD/SDHC card)
Size and Weight 180 x 260 x 50 mm, 1.9 kg
Quick Measurement Point-to-point distance, face-to-face distance, sphere-to-sphere distance, cylinder-to-cylinder distance, cross section (R, distance, angle)