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OPTISTATION 3200 - Redefining 300mm wafer inspection with Nikon's CFI60 optical design.

nikon metrology semiconductor inspection optistation 3200One of Nikon's most advanced and versatile semiconductor inspection systems, the Optistation 3200 provides three-mode macro inspection capability – front, backside center, and backside perimeter – as well as high performance lighting techniques that allow for detection of a wide variety of process defects and particle/scratch detection.


  • Wafers
Benefits & features


MagnificationNumerical ApertureWorking Distance
5X 0.15 18mm
10X 0.30 15mm
20X 0.45 4.50mm
50X 0.80 1.00mm
100X 0.90 1.00mm
150X 0.9 0.42mm


Easy Operation by Touch Screen

Automated and motorized functions are controlled by an easily accessible touchscreen to ensure comfortable operation while minimizing contamination. Optimum observation settings, including aperture and light intensity, can be preset according to objective lens or wafer type.

Three Mode Macro Inspection with High Performance Illuminators

Allows surface Macro, center backside Macro, and perimeter backside Macro inspections. Furthermore, the wide illuminator WIL-100 and the line illuminator LIL-100 have been newly developed to detect various process defects.

Review Inspection with ADC

DART Software allows the operator to review and inspect files from one inspection station. With the software, images can be easily archived for later analysis.

Flexibility in Load Port Positioning

Two load ports are available in the side or rear, making the OPTISTATION-3200 adaptable to diverse fab layouts and 300mm factory automation requirements.

CFI60 Optical Design

Nikon’s renowned CFI60 optics produce crisp, clear images with high contrast and minimal flare. Longer working distances throughout the magnification range ensure safer wafer inspection. The darkfield signal-to-background ratio is three times higher than in the past, ensuring significantly better imaging.

DUV Microscope

The newly designed DUV microscope module supports 90nm and future design rules.

Wafer size: OD 300mm
Microscope (micro) inspection: Total magnification: 25x to 1500x; Inspection modes: Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC (option), DUV (option); Autofocus: LED illumination slit projection; Objectives: CFI60 objectives
Macro inspection: Surface Macro, center backside Macro, perimeter backside Macro
Load port: 2 FOUP; Position selectable from side or rear
Wafer transfer: Robotic handling; vacuum chuck; noncontact pre-alignment mechanism
Options: DUV microscope: Hg-Xe lamp type (248nm); Online operation: Via SECS-I or HSMS; Others: Video capture function, 2nd user interface (UIF), OHV (SEMI E84 compliance), Review inspection, ADC, OCR
Safety: S2-0302 compliance, CE marking compliance
Ergonomic: S8-0701 compliance
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1625 x 2500 x 2300mm; (Rear load port) (64.0 x 98.4 x 90.6 in.)
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