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ModelMaker H120 - Ultra-fast high-definition 3D scanning

nikon metrology h120 mainMore than two decades since the inception of the ModelMaker product line, the cutting-edge ModelMaker H120 firmly pushes the ever-exacting boundaries of handheld laser scanning. Incorporating blue laser technology, ultra-fast frame rate, specially developed Nikon optics and the ability to measure the most challenging materials this represents the next generation of portable laser scanning. The H120 makes no compromises in addressing the market needs by efficiently delivering the most detailed and accurate data in a fraction of the time of competing technologies.

Key Benefits

  • EXTREMELY LOW NOISE DATA - Nikon lens combined with blue laser technology
  • UNEQUALLED PRECISION  - Scanner accuracy of 7 microns
  • UNCOMPROMISING PERFORMANCE  - Measures at over 450 stripes every second on all materials
  • ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE - Full Field-of-View indicator for precise scanning
  • MEASURE THE MOST CHALLENGING MATERIALS - Real-time optimization of the laser for every single measured point
  • OPTIMIZED FOR ALL APPLICATIONS - Designed for use under all shop floor or field conditions


  • Fast & accurate multi-sensor 3D inspection
  • Part-to-CAD inspection: First article inspection against CAD model
  • Inspection of geometric features
  • Gap-and-flush inspection
  • Reverse engineering: from concept studio clay to class A surfaces
  • Digitizing for additive manufacturing

Benefits & features

Uncompromising performance

h120 web 3By combining a frame rate of 450 Hz, a stripe width of 120 mm and a resolution of 35 μm, users benefit from high productivity and detailed measurements with a single sensor.

Without relying on interpolation techniques to artificially boost data density, the ModelMaker H120 guarantees fast data collection over a large area without compromising on small details – offering great flexibility in a single solution even when cycle time is critical, no matter the type of parts measured.

Furthermore, the superior accuracy of the ModelMaker H120 ensures it stands far apart from similar technology, further pushing the traditionally accepted boundaries of handheld laser scanners.





Measure the most challenging materials

h120 web 2The 4th generation of Nikon’s patented Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP4) provides faster-then-ever real-time dynamic adjustment of the laser intensity for every point.

Users can confidently scan across parts with strong colour transitions and varying reflectivity from any direction with no loss in scanner speed and no need for prior part preparation.

ModelMaker scanners also benefit from intelligent reflection control which allows users to measure very shiny or polished materials while unwanted reflections are filtered out.



Immediate productivity

h120 2Simple system set-up, immediate boot-up and no need for scanner warm-up combined with the structural rigidity, thermal stability and absolute encoder technology of the MCAx arms allows users to switch on and start confidently collecting accurate data straightaway.







Extremely low noise data

nikon metrology h120 application phoneBy combining specially-developed Nikon optics and low-speckle blue laser technology, the ModelMaker H120 achieves super low-noise measurements and can cleanly resolve details such as sharp edges and even surface scratches and abrasions which other scanners simply cannot.





Enhanced user experience

H120 web 1Innovative features such as thermal compensation, an integrated locking connector, contrasting full field of view projector, excellent touch probe clearance and a compact size give the user all the feedback and assurance he needs to concentrate purely on the measurement task.





Accuracy (1σ) 1,2 7 µm
Stripe width 120 mm
Measuring range 100 mm
Stand-off 80 mm
Min. point resolution 35 µm
Max. frame rate 450 Hz
Max. points per stripe 2,000
Laser power adjustment ESP 4 (real-time per point)
Warm up time 0 sec
Weight (approx.) 500 g
Laser power Class 2, 450 nm
Field of view indicator Full FoV
Arm attachment Integrated
1Typical values are 30% better than published values.
2 Laser scanner Accuracy is determined by scanning a plane from various directions, each time using the entire scanner field of view. The result is the maximum 1σ deviation of the scan data to fitted plane features.


Accuracy in combination with handheld scanner

 System scanning performance (2ơ)
Arm type ModelMaker H120
MCAx25++ 0.028 mm
MCAx30++ 0.032 mm
MCAx35++ 0.042 mm
MCAx40++ 0.052 mm
MCAx45++ 0.068 mm
MCAx20+ 0.028 mm
MCAx25+ 0.032 mm
MCAx30+ 0.038 mm
MCAx35+ 0.048 mm
MCAx40+ 0.060 mm
MCAx45+ 0.080 mm
MCAx20 0.036 mm
MCAx25 0.040 mm
MCAx30 0.052 mm
MCAx35 0.070 mm
MCAx40 0.092 mm
MCAx45 0.122 mm
Laser scanning system accuracy: The laser scanning system accuracy indicates the performance of the laser scanner combined with a handheld localizer. The test is performed by scanning a highly accurate reference plate in 5 different orientations of the articulated arm and laser scanner. The 5 resulting  point clouds are merged together in one point cloud and a best-fit plane is constructed through this  point cloud. For each of the points in this  point cloud, the distance is calculated to the best-fit plane. The result of the test is the 2ơ value of all of the calculated deviations. 


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