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LC60Dx - Cost-effective general purpose CMM laser scanner

nikon metrology LC60Dx sheet metalLC60Dx single line scanner brings laser scanning in the accuracy range of tactile measurement, while capturing 75,000 measurement points a second. Equipped with powerful CMOS technology, the all-digital scanner automatically digitizes the complete geometry of parts covering features and surfaces in just a few CMM strokes.

Key benefits

  • Premium performance CMM scanner for every inspection job
  • Gain full geometric insights from the 3D representation of the entire part
  • Benefit from the unique capability to measure soft and fragile surfaces
  • Increase the capacity of your CMM’s and floor space
  • Run any kind of analysis on the digital copy, even building virtual prototypes instead of expensive physical prototypes
  • Programming and execution of inspection job is fast and straightforward, even for novice or non-metrology users


  • 3D digitizing with high detail and speed
  • Complex surfaces (composites, blades, impellers, medical devices, etc)
  • Features (Slot, holes, studs, etc)
  • Portable / Fixed CMM scanning applications


Benefits & features

nikon metrology LC60Dx multi stylus accuracy testAccurate non-contact measuring technology

Powerful CMOS technology incorporated into LC60Dx translates into higher measuring accuracy, resulting in a typical MPEp value of 7 micron according to EN ISO 10360-5. This brings the all-digital scanner in the accuracy range of tactile measurement. E.g. The Multi-stylus accuracy test is comparable to EN/ISO 10360-5 MPEal and scans a sphere with 5 different scanner
orientations. Then the 3D deviation is calculated between the center of each sphere that’s fit through a single pointcloud and the center of the average sphere.

nikon metrology LC60Dx engine sand core inspectionIdeal for measuring soft and fragile parts

Measuring soft, fragile or brittle parts potentially yield inaccurate measurements or surface scratches. As laser scanning technology is entirely non-contact, there is no risk for damage or inaccurate measurement. An example of such an application is the dimensional inspection of engine sand cores.

nikon metrology LC60Dx superfast scanningSuperfast scanning

The LC60Dx laser scanner captures 75,000 measurement points per second. By acquiring a multitude of measurement points, the scanner is able to reliably digitize freeform shapes and geometric features. Both are critical for high-quality assembly and part mating.

nikon metrology LC60Dx material surfaceScanning nearly every material surface with ESP3

ESP3 incorporates dynamic point-per-point laser intensity adaptation of laser source intensity. This capability allows different surface materials, finishes and transitions to be scanned without user interaction, eliminating manual parameter tuning and part spraying altogether. ESP is a key differentiator when scanning similar parts in different manufacturing stages; initially dealing with bare sheet metal parts and finally scanning finished products painted in any color.

Seamless retrofit for most leading CMM brands

As applicable to all Nikon Metrology CMM scanners, the LC60Dx scanners can be retrofitted on a wide range of CMM brands to boost inspection productivity of existing CMM installations anywhere in the world.

Premium reliability in any working conditions

Nikon Metrology development engineers optimized scanner design for maximum operational stability and robustness. Critical in this regard is that principal scanner components are mounted in an ultra-stiff tress-free aluminum housing.
Special attention is paid to temperature stability by design and temperature compensation algorithms in order to minimize warm-up time and guarantee reliable accuracy under shop floor conditions.

nikon metrology LC60Dx change racksCompatible with Renishaw indexing heads and change racks

The LC60Dx scanners are compatible with common Renishaw indexing heads. The scanners also fit in the ACR racks and can be used in combination with tactile probes for e.g. alignment of the part. By docking a scanner in an dedicated ARC3 rack, zero warm-up time is obtained resulting in maximum productivity.

nikon metrology LC60Dx portable scannerAvailable as CMM or portable scanner

In the case companies own fixed-bed CMMs and articulated arms, the LC60Dx uniquely allows to easily exchange the scanner between CMM and MCA II portable arms. In this way, most of the digitizing work can be done with one single laser scanner.

Probing error (MPEp)1 9 μm (0.0004”)
Ball bar length (MPEE)2 6+L/350(µm)
(0.00024+L/350) (")
Multi-stylus test (MPEAL)3 9 μm (0.0004”)
ISO Probing form error4 20 µm (0.00079”)
ISO Probing size error all5 30 µm (0.00118”)
ISO Probing dispersion value6 36 µm (0.00141”)
ISO Cone angle7 125°
Stripe width 60 mm (2.36”)
Scanning speed 75,000pts/s
Resolution 60μm (0.0024”)
Stand-off distance 95 mm (3.74”)
Field-of-View (FOV)
width and height
60x60 mm (2.36x2.36”)
Weight 390 g (0.86 lbs)
Interface on manual localizers Ethernet
Laser safety Class 2
Enhanced Scanner Performance ESP3
Daylight filter yes
Probe head compatibility PH10M, PH10MQ, CW43, PHS


All accuracy specifications valid for a CMM with an accuracy of 2µm + L/350 or better using manufacturer supplied test sphere
1Nikon Metrology test comparable to EN/ISO 10360-2 MPEP using 1 sigma sphere fit.
2Nikon Metrology test comparable to EN/ISO 10360-2 MPEE
3Nikon Metrology test comparable to EN/ISO 10360-5 MPEAL

Accuracy specifications according ISO 10360-8:2013:
4PForm.Sph.1x25:Tr:ODS,MPE : Maximum probing form error using 25 representative points in translatory scanning mode
5PSize.Sph.All:Tr:ODS,MPE : Maximum probing size error All using all measured points in translatory scanning mode
6PForm.Sph.D95%:Tr:ODS,MPL : Maximum probing dispersion value using 95% of the measured points in translatory scanning mode
7Cone angle : Region of sphere on which the measured points are selected


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Case studies
Manufacturers launch products faster with 3D laser scanning
Manufacturers launch products faster with 3D laser scanning

In this article, Nikon Metrology explains how laser scanning provides time and cost advantages in production engineering and how manufacturers can benefit.

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Omco Group - Glass moulds produced faster and less expensively using modern multi-sensor metrology
Omco Group - Glass moulds produced faster and less expensively using modern multi-sensor metrology

Nikon Metrology laser scanner cuts project approval from 2 weeks to 24 hours

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Industrial applications
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Case studies

Manufacturers launch products faster with 3D laser scanning
Manufacturers launch products faster with 3D laser scanning

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Omco Group - Glass moulds produced faster and less expensively using modern multi-sensor metrology
Omco Group - Glass moulds produced faster and less expensively using modern multi-sensor metrology

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