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K-Scan MMDx - Full freedom handheld scanning

nikon metrology KCMM SystemK-Scan MMDx is Nikon Metrology's walk-around laser scanner for portable metrology applications. Accurate, easy-to-use and with stunning performance ensure it to be the most capable handheld scanning solution without mechanical constraints. The scanner is tracked by the K-CMM Optical Tracker, so that operators can measure anywhere needed. K-Scan MMDx is the ultimate tool for accurate part-to-CAD inspection and productive reverse engineering, combining the accuracy and productivity of the MMDx laser scanner and the user freedom, measurement volume and motion compensation of the K-CMM Optical Tracker system.

Key benefits

  • Measure anywhere
  • Effortless handling by ergonomic design
  • High scanning throughput for maximum productivity
  • Superior accuracy
  • Flexibility


  • Full freedom scanning of large objects: Automotive components of any size, complete vehicles
  • On-site measurement applications
  • Part-to-CAD inspection
  • Scanning for reverse engineering
Benefits & features

3D scanning in large volume applications

K-Scan MMDx’s  portability, accuracy and large measurement volume are responsible for the system’s high application reach. The absence of mechanical constraints creates superior operator comfort, which allows operators to efficiently take scans in and around an entire vehicle or truck. For measuring larger objects, the system supports the use of magnetic reference spheres to leap frog measurements taken from multiple camera standpoints. Regardless of how and where to use the system, it serves both inspection and reverse engineering applications.

  • Full-freedom scanning of large objects:
  • Large (17m³) and expandable measurement volume
  • Car components of any size / Full cars and trucks
  • On-site measurement applications
  • Plug-and-play on existing K-Series Optical CMM
  • Supports part-to-CAD inspection and reverse engineering applications
  • SpaceProbe touch probe for tactile measurements

Scanning nearly every material surface with ESP3

ESP3 incorporates dynamic point-per-point laser intensity adaptation of laser source intensity. This capability allows different surface materials, finishes and transitions to be scanned without user interaction, eliminating manual parameter tuning and part spraying altogether. ESP is a key differentiator when scanning similar parts in different manufacturing stages; initially dealing with bare sheet metal parts and finally scanning finished products painted in any color.

Superior accuracy

The digital camera technology built in the scanner supports high-resolution data acquisition and processing for scanning freeform surfaces and features accurately and efficiently. Continuous and precise optical probe tracking are maintained by optimizing the positions of the LEDs integrated into the scanner housing.

  • Optimized LED positions for continuous and precise probe tracking
  • Excellent material scanning capabilities through use of Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP3). Laser intensity of every point is instantly adapted automatically to the material

High scanning throughput for maximum productivity

Featuring a high frame rate and a laser stripe up to 200mm, the digital MMDx scanner provides the ultimate in scanning productivity. The digital camera technology built in the scanner supports high-resolution data acquisition and processing for scanning freeform surfaces and features accurately and efficiently. MMDx laser scanners come in 50, 100 and 200 millimeter laser stripe widths, to suit every measurement need.

  • Fast and user configurable scanning data rates
  • Laser stripe width up to 200 mm
  • High-resolution data acquisition

nikon metrology K Scan K600 bumper scanEffortless handling by ergonomic design

An effortless scanning experience is made possible by the ergonomic handgrip of the scanner and the unmatched ease-of-use of the system’s optical CMM. The operator can simple walk around and scan surfaces as desired, without facing the limitations of any mechanical constraints. Measuring has never been easier, thanks to the scanner’s balanced handgrip, carbon fiber design and feedback indicators.

  • Omni-directional, mechanically unconstrained probe
  • Lightweight and stable carbon fiber structure
  • Visual and audio indicators for operator feedback
  • Balanced weight distribution aided by ergonomic handgrip with integrated buttons

Measure anywhere

K-Scan MMDx is a truly portable solution that can be used anywhere. It can be set up instantly in the laboratory, on the shop floor or in the field. The Optical CMM automatically localizes the light-weight, handheld MMDx laser scanner. Dynamic object referencing ensures accurate measurement in case the measured object is moved.

  • Fully portable system that is easy to set up
  • Suited for metrology lab and shop floor measurements
  • Motion compensation of measurement object, through dynamic object referencing


  • Large system measurement volume of up to 35 m³, further expandable by leap frog functionalities, multi-camera support or dynamic referencing
  • Compatible with the same MMDx100 and MMDx200 scanners used on articulated arms
  • Multi-Sided Probe for tactile measurements
  K-Scan MMDx100K-Scan MMDx200
Measurement area Maximum stripe width 100 mm 200 mm
Depth of Field 100 mm 150 mm
Stand-off 85 mm 95 mm
Measurement performanc Sensor accuracy1 10 µm (1σ) 16 µm (1σ)
Minimum point spacing 65 µm 115 µm
Full FoV frame rate 50 Hz 60 Hz
Maximum frame rate 150 Hz
Maximum points per stripe 1000
Enhanced Sensor Performance ESP3 (laser intensity optimized for every point)
Thermal compensation Yes
Physical characteristics Operating temperature 10 °C to 35 °C
Laser Class 2 (660 nm)
Dimensions 250 mm x 220 mm x 210 mm
Weight 1200 g
Cable length to controller 9 m
Number of LEDs 36
Software compatibility Nikon Metrology Focus Scan Handheld & Inspection
3rd party software including PolyWorks®, Geomagic® & Metrolog

1 Sensor accuracy indicates the performance of the laser scanner independent of localizer. The test is performed by scanning a highly accurate reference plate in four different orientations throughout the entire field of view of the sensor. For every point in each scan, the residual distance is calculated to a least-squares fitted plane. The result of the test is the worst case 1 sigma value of the residual deviations of the four scans.
Weights and dimensions are approximate.

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