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K-CMM - Portable Optical CMM System

nikon metrology portable k cmmK-CMM is an accurate portable measurement system suitable for checking design, production and dimensional quality in industrial environments.

The system offers high measurement accuracy in a volume up to 35 m³ through the use of camera technology triangulating the positions of infrared LEDs positioned on a Multi-Sided Probe or optional K-Scan MMDx scanner.

K-CMM is a truly portable system enabling users to measure on-site. Systems are available with two measurement volumes and accuracies to suit user’s needs. Through dynamic scaling of the camera measurement volume, reliable measurements can be taken within a range of 10 °C to 35 °C.


  • Flexibility and mobility enables fast on-site inspection and interventions
  • Reduces production stops and scrap
  • Multi-sensor ready: Tactile probing and non-contact laser scanning
  • System stability guarantees high accuracy measurements because no moving parts are used
  • Full measurement freedom due to walk-around Multi-Sided Probe
  • Dynamic referencing enabling measurement of unstable parts
  • Easy one man set-up and use


  • Inspection of parts or complete products in design, engineering, production and daily operation
  • Fixtures and jigs
  • Body-in-White / Sheet metal
  • Other applications include:
  • Inspection of parts or complete products in design, engineering, production and daily operation
  • Fixtures and jigs
  • Body-in-White / Sheet metal
Benefits & features

Ready for probing and scanning

Multi-sided probe

nikon metrology optical cmm multi sided probeAttaching a stylus to the Multi-Sided Probe’s (MSP) precalibrated, multi-faceted LED target configuration provides a lightweight, highly repeatable measurement probe with an unlimited range of motion free from directional limitations. Probe configurations can be quickly changed using the integrated Renishaw autojoint adaptor.

Standard stylus 4 mm diameter ruby tip
Probe changing Repeatable using Renishaw autojoint
Number of LEDs 25
Acceptance angle Unlimited pitch, yaw and roll
Dimensions 185 mm x 185 mm x 180 mm (with standard stylus)
Weight 326 g (with standard stylus)


K-Scan MMDx (optional)

nikon metrology optical cmm k scan mmdxThe K-Scan MMDx is a walk-around scanning solution combining the digital ModelMaker MMDx laser scanner with the portable K-series optical CMM. K-Scan is ideally suited for on-site 3D digitizing tasks requiring minimum setup and fast results.  Operating the scanner with a laser stripe width up to 200mm is easy and efficient. The 6m working range of the optical CMM is more than sufficient to take measurements in and around a full vehicle. The dense point clouds that are acquired can be graphically analyzed in Focus software, or in 3rd party packages.


nikon metrology optical cmm tripodThe K-CMM system is supplied with a portable tripod with a lightweight rigid construction. The inclusion of height adjustability, variable pan and tilt angle and integrated Quickfix adaptor for easy mounting of the Optical Tracker ensure excellent flexibility and robustness for shop-floor measurement requirements.

Maximum load 55 kg
Height adjustment 500 mm to 1600 mm
Angular adjustment 360° pan, ±10° tilt
Footprint adjustment (diameter) 840 mm to 1220 mm
Weight 7 kg

Dynamic referencing (optional)

The initial alignment of a work piece is monitored by three LEDs mounted directly on the part. The Optical Tracker-to-part position and orientation is constantly tracked and updated, avoiding the need for leap-frogging to extend the measurement volume or measure from a different direction. This technology make it possible to measure parts that move or are subject to vibration with the same level of accuracy as if they were rigidly fixtured.

K-CMM multi-measurement (optional)

Two or more K-CMM Optical Trackers can be linked together to form a unified measurement volume with a single co-ordinate system. Whether the objective is to enlarge the measurement zone for very large parts or assemblies, or to provide unobscured views of complex parts from all sides, K-CMM Multi’s flexible configuration means the solution can be tailored to many different measurement applications.

Dynamic measurements (DMM) (optional)

Using the K-CMM with the DMM (Dynamic Measurement Machine) option allows tracking of rapid and complicated trajectories of multiple objects with outstanding accuracy. DMM employs the K-CMM Optical Tracker to track LED targets defining key points of interest. This ability to track 3D and 6DOF measurements changes with respect to time ensures the K-CMM with DMM option can provide a powerful and comprehensive toolset for advanced motion analysis and dynamic measurement.

K-CMM DMM specifications

Target resolution (at 2.5 m) Up to 2 µm
Targets (3D) Up to 511
Rigid Bodies (6DOF) Up to 170
Sampling Speed (targets/s) Up to 4500 Hz
Latency Up to 5 ms
Simultaneously track and record 72 targets 24 rigid bodies


Example: Effective frame rates vs. # targets or rigid bodies

# Targets# Rigid BodiesFrame Rate (Hz)Sampling Speed
1 - 750 750
6 2 575 3450
12 4 325 3900
18 6 230 4140
24 8 175 4200
30 10 140 4200
48 16 90 4320
90 30 50 4500
   K6000 K7500
Measurement volume Depth of Field 4.5 m 6.0 m
Field of View Up to 3.7 m x 2.7 m
Volume 20 m3 35 m3
Measurement performance Volumetric accuracy1 95 µm + 25 µm/m 110 µm + 25 µm/m
Single point accuracy2 Up to 20 µm RMS
Single point repeatability3 Up to 20 µm RMS
Physical characteristics Dimensions 1157 mm x 230 mm x 175 mm
Weight 24 kg
Temperature Operating: 10 °C to 35 °C (Storage: -10 °C to 50 °C)
Humidity Operating: 30% to 70% (Storage: 10% to 90%, non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure Operating: 70 kPa to 106 kPa (Storage: 50 kPa to 106 kPa)
Warm up time 30 to 60 minutes
Power 100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0 A
Volume indicator laser Class 2M (635 nm
Software compatibility Nikon Metrology CMM-Manager
3rd party software including PolyWorks®, Geomagic® & Metrolog


1 Volumetric accuracy is certified in accordance with procedures derived from the general guidelines of ISO 10360-2:2013 for size measurements. Certification consists of performing comparisons of measured values to traceable length artefacts in various different locations and/or orientations in the field of view of the Optical Tracker using the MSP with standard probe stylus. The indicated specification represents a 95% confidence interval.

2 Single point accuracy is calculated by measuring the MSP with standard probe stylus in a static position for one second. The RMS error of the collected points is reported.

3 Single point repeatability is calculated by placing the standard probe stylus with MSP in a conical socket and measurements taken from various angles. The RMS error of the collected points is reported.

Weights and dimensions are approximate.

K-Scan MMDx - K-CMM
K-Scan MMDx - K-CMM

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K-Scan MMDx - K-CMM
K-Scan MMDx - K-CMM

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