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nikon metrology industrial microscopes white light interferometric microscope BW H501High-speed, high-precision measurement of surface profiles based on an omnifocal camera system and Nikon's newly developed fringe cycle method software.

Benefits & features

Real-time Height Observation with High Precision Height Measurement

BW-H501 outputs and displays real-time height images at 5 fps. A heating stage allows observation and analysis of the deformation process of film and gel samples in real time. And, with high precision measurement of 10nm using white light interferometry, it is now possible to analyze and evaluate the surface roughness of objects.

Ability to Measure Optically Diffusive Surfaces

Observation and analysis of optically diffusive surfaces, a weakness of conventional optical systems, presents no difficulty. The profiler can be used to evaluate the surface of ceramic coated film and diffuser plates.

Fringe Cycle High-precision Height Image Capture

With the fringe cycle method, the coordinate value on the Z-axis with the maximum local focus measure is taken as the height of each pixel. Generating an interference fringe on the surface of the object with a two beam interference objective lens generates a very high focus measure, achieving effective height resolution of 100 nm and repeatable precision of σ = 10 nm, delivering height image capture with high-precision.

X-Cycler High-speed Image Acquisition

The BWH-501's X-Cycle Imager combines a piezo actuator with a high-speed camera for unique high-speed image capture. Image capture of 900 fps is possible with output and display of real-time height images at 5 fps. Captured height images undergo accumulative addition with suppressed random noise components. Real-time extended depth of focus (EDF) images may be output or displayed as a freeze-frame image. Real-time height images may also be output or displayed with pseudocolors.

BridgeElements Imaging Bridging Software

BridgeElements software controls image input and analysis modules, and loads observed and saved images. Additionally, multiple images can be processed simultaneously so that images may be compared in real-time.

System Options

Optical Microscope Unit Nikon LV100, MM, AZ Series Microscopes
Controller Unit Focuscope FCV100C
Computer Dell P390 Equivalent or Higher
Monitor Dell TFT 20" Monitor
Software BridgeElements
Objective Lens Two Beam Interference Objective Lens (Standard Configuration: 20x, other option
Observation and
Measurement Range
Horizontal (H) μm
Vertical (V) μm
Working Distance (mm)
Numerical Aperture (NA)

2.5x 5x 10x 20x 50x 100x
3160 1580 790 395 159 79
3160 1580 790 395 159 79
10.3 9.3 7.4 4.7 3.4 2.0
0.075 0.13 0.3 0.4 0.55 0.7
Measurement Optical System White Light Interferometry
Height Measurement Effective Resolution: 0.1μm
Indicating Resolution: NA
Reproductive Accuracy σ: 0.01μm
Height Measurement Time 0.2 second/field
Height Measurement Range 40μm
Correction Plane Correction, Quartic Curve Correction
Digital Enlargement 1/100 Sub-pixel Processing
Roughness Measurement 2-Dimensional Roughness; 3-Dimensional Roughness
Profile Display Cursor Measurement of Distance Between Two Points, Cursor Measurement of Height Between Two Cursor Points
Output Output of Processed Images and Roughness Indices to an Excel File
Automatic Processing Automatic Processing of Multiple Height Images
Three Dimensional Display With MS Direct X
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