Official correspondence to COVID-19 from Nikon Corporation

With regard to COVID-19, Nikon is continuing to monitor the situation, since the health and safety of customers and employees will always come first. Nikon Corporation and its group companies around world will continue to take actions under the guidance of governments in each country and region.

During these challenging times, Nikon Metrology is still hard at work and continuing to communicate with our customers to help as much as possible. Nikon Metrology will always provide the best quality products and services while embracing appropriate concerns for the health and safety of our employees and customers.

A note from Nikon Metrology Inc. regarding the response to COVID-19 to customers in North and South America.

For the United States, Nikon Metrology provides “essential services” in several critical infrastructure sectors under the terms of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security CISA – Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce. Nikon Metrology, Inc. will remain open and operating in support of our customers, notwithstanding any federal, state, and national guidelines.

Committed to Safety

Nikon Metrology appreciates the relationship that it has developed with its customers and looks forward to the continuation of that relationship.  While there have been a few adjustments in how our operations are being run, Nikon Metrology is still open for business. We are still providing sales information, fulfilling orders, shipping and receiving products, digital training and demonstrations, and more. Service, calibration, and repairs can still be provided on your existing Nikon Metrology products - utilizing appropriate health and safety precautions and following current State, Federal, and Country mandates.

Our first commitment is to the safety of our customers and staff, so there may be some delays as we navigate the individual regulations of each city, state, and country that we serve. Should you have any questions regarding any pending orders, equipment, and services from Nikon Metrology, please contact your salesperson  or email If you are a new customer to Nikon Metrology, please reach out to where we can connect you with a salesperson to provide you any information you need.