CAMIO Multi-sensor metrology software - Faster and easier CMM inspection

nikon metrology software CAMIOProven in the most challenging application environments CAMIO is the CMM software of choice for many of the world’s largest manufacturers. By leveraging the productivity benefits of CAMIO, manufacturers can focus on accelerating lead times and improving product quality while reducing costs. CAMIO's interoperability across CMM platforms, sensor technology and manufacturing sites, is a unique advantage which guarantees the sustainability of your investment in software and inspection programs.

Key benefits:

  • Select the right sensor for the job to get better insights while reducing overall cycle time
  • Easily write your inspection program based on the CAD model
  • Proof programs offline with collision detection and measurement simulation
  • Analyze product conformance through graphic CAD comparison for features and surfaces
  • Speed up the decision process with instant reporting
  • Increase productivity by automating the inspection processes


Key features:

Multi-sensor support – The right tools for success

CAMIO offers true multi-sensor capability, allowing best-practice selection of sensor technology for each task. This flexibility improves the quality of the inspection data and reduces CMM cycle times. As needs change, or new sensor technology is introduced, inspection programs can be easily migrated from one technology to another due to CAMIOs unique intelligent handling of CMM measurements.

nikon metrology CAMIO key features efficiency

nikon metrology CAMIO key features flexibility

nikon metrology CAMIO key features insight

Intelligent programming focusing on productivity

Simplified programming workflow

nikon metrology CAMIO simplified workflowCAMIO’s graphical off-line programming environment is developed with every user in mind. With fewer mouse clicks required and instant access to all programming functions from the single ribbon toolbar, the programming experience is both fast and easy.

Program multiple features of different types within a single operation

Generating CMM inspection programs feature by feature can take a long time. CAMIO allows users to program multiple features within a single operation. This both simplifies and speeds up the programming task.

  • Teach path
    Using a standard Windows tree view, the selected features and their measurement points are displayed in the Program tab. Full edit or delete can be performed prior to operation.
  • Feature properties
    All of the properties for a single feature or all the common properties for multiple features (single or multiple types) can be edited from a single property listing. This allows a fast and simple configuration of the chosen inspection path including the feature definition, measurement strategy, GD&T tolerance selection and filtering.
  • Circles on a plane
    When multiple circles reside on a single plane, a single click on the plane will select all the circles for measurement. Individual circles can be deleted or additional circles added to complete the inspection.
  • Points on a grid
    Surface areas that require a multiple number of touch points can be programmed in a single operation. Simply cover the area with a configurable grid and the software will automatically project a measurement point onto the surface.
  • Program optimization
    Context menu options allow for any teach path to be configured and edited to optimize the measurement.

Full program simulation prior to operation

nikon metrology CAMIO full program simulationFull graphical interaction with the software allows the program to be fully simulated prior to operation. The Probe Check function steps the probe model around the programmed path (forward and backwards) to edit clearance moves and the use of an optimum probe head angle.  Any potential collisions are highlighted and can be corrected before the first part is measured, saving valuable CMM down-time when proving out new inspection programs.

Probe management

nikon metrology CAMIO probeChange between contact and non-contact probing within the same measurement program, thanks to CAMIO’s true multi-sensor capability and simplified probe management.

Laser scanning support

nikon metrology CAMIO laser scanning supportUse CAMIO to scan features and surface areas with greater ease for both reverse engineering and surface analysis purposes. CAMIO includes full support for the programming and reporting of geometric features measured with a laser probe. This provides true multi-sensor capability to change between contact and non-contact measurements within the same part program in order to measure surface and geometric features.

Scanning path

CAMIO displays the full graphical representation of the planned scanning path along with a 2D preview of the image received by the scanner.

Scan data

nikon metrology CAMIO Scan dataPoint clouds are displayed directly on the screen and can be saved as ASCII text or STL mesh files. The laser scanning of geometrical features can be programmed in the same way as it would be done for touch probing or otherwise the features can be automatically extracted from a surface point cloud scan. Print full GD&T features and CAD compare graphical reports direct from CAMIO software.


CAMIO conforms to the latest international standards for CMM data analysis and tolerancing, ensuring the integrity of your data at every stage of the inspection process.
A suite of easy to use tools and templates provides endless reporting possibilities for a broad range of applications, with real-time reporting for instant results. All data is archived using an industry standard database with open-access for offline analysis and trouble shooting. Common file formats and direct links to 3rd party software packages provide efficient distribution and sharing of data across platforms.

nikon metrology CAMIO reporting

Integrated reporting

nikon metrology CAMIO integrated reportingIntegrated Reporting produces instant graphical reports. Configuration is user defined but the layout is automatically set. The report is created with a single mouse click. Reports can be sent directly to the printer, saved as .pdf, Excel or Word files or saved as report templates for future use.

Optional statistical processing

Product statistical information can be generated easily, in either text or chart format. Control charts displayed in real-time can help to recognize manufacturing fault conditions. Produce Cp and Cpk values to monitor how your process is performing. Combine statistics with the results of the latest measurement sample. Filter the stored data based on date / time, sub-group or previous number of inspections.

Machine compatibility

nikon metrology CAMIO machine compatibilityCAMIO is compatible with many probe systems and a large range of CMM types. Furthermore, the software is compliant to DMIS, PTB and Q-DAS. Many companies have multiple CMMs to program. Having the ability to make programs for each specific machine is essential. Using Machine Launch, CAMIO is opened with the chosen machine model and the software is set with the correct configuration for the machine (i.e. working volume, probe head etc.).

Users can run CAMIO on installed CMM machines without the need for any changes to the hardware  setup (e.g. controller, cabling, …). This allows for easy upgrades since users can continue to use existing 3rd party software, while benefiting from CAMIO too.

Machine simulation

Full machine simulation is available for on-line or off-line simulation and program testing. This can also include all CMM accessories such as tip and probe changing racks.

Data storage

nikon metrology CAMIO CADcompability

CAMIO uses Microsoft SQL Server to store both inspection results and machine specific data (i.e. probe calibration data). Inspection data is stored at program level by date and time and the database can be filtered to show a user defined list of entries. ie to display machine or operator specific programs. Database management is achieved through the Database Administration Tool with options to import and export data to files for back-up purposes. Data storage is no longer CAMIO version specific. This means that when the software is upgraded, the existing database is re-used and access to archived machine and previous inspection data is instantly available. For customers who have access to an existing Enterprise version of Microsoft SQL Server, CAMIO can be connected directly to this to take advantage of unlimited storage space.

CAD compatibility

CAMIO offers optional direct CAD interfaces to a long list of popular CAD packages. Read and write CAD data in CAMIO through international exchange formats or directly from the native CAD format with the use of optional CAD interface licenses.

All functions organized in Ribbon-style interface

The ribbon style toolbar serves as the central location where all software functions are logically grouped into tabbed sections, each containing all the required operations.

nikon metrology CAMIO ribbon style

Logical groups

Software functions are collected into logical groups. Each group contains all the required operations to help prevent the need to constantly navigate between groups on the ribbon (for example, GD&T tolerances are available through the Inspect menu, so feature output is immediately available).