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Assembly Plant Inspection | Nikon Metrology

nikonmetrology automotive assembly plant

Once a production line has been set up, manufacturers need to inspect selected samples to monitor wear or setup deviations, or have to verify every individual assembly to inspect critical joints and welds.

Nikon Metrology offers an extensive set of solutions that meet tight accuracy, speed and operational requirements in harsh environmental conditions. Solutions include fast horizontal-arm CMMs, Laser Radar on Robot for automated scanning, Adaptive Robot Control for ultra-precise robot operations and K-Series Optical CMM.

The Laser Radar on robot shop floor system provides accurate, dimensional measurements in the car coordinate system allowing direct comparison to CAD without the need for a reference part. Unlike horizontal-arm CMM, its high-speed measurements fit within short production cycle times. At the same time it is a
more flexible solution to adapt with changes in model mix and factory layout.


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