SMZ445/460 - Compact stereomicroscopes with premium performance

nikon metrology industrial microscopes stereo SMZ445 460The SMZ445 and SMZ460 deliver the outstanding optical performance you expect from Nikon's cutting-edge series of stereoscopic zoom microscopes. Porro prisms enable a lightweight, compact design. Choose between the two models: the SMZ445 with 0.8x - 3.5x zoom magnification or the SMZ460 with 0.7x - 3.0x zoom magnification, inclination angles of 45° or 60° respectively. With the new diascopic/episcopic LED stand, these microscopes let you observe a wide range of specimens, from Petri dishes to plants, insects, small animals and minerals.


    • Antennae, Telescope optics
    • Telecom & Electronics
    • Plastic Manufacturing
    • Manual examination
    • Implants/ Protheses
    • Mobile phones, shavers & watches

Benefits & features

Auxiliary objectives

Simply attaching an auxiliary objective lens achieves a wider field of view and longer working distance. Two types are available, 0.5x (WD 181mm) and 0.7x (WD 127.5mm).

nikon metrology industrial microscopes stereo mold resistant SMZ445 460Mold-resistant finish

The inside of the zooming body is treated with a mold-resistant finish. This maintains the quality of the lenses even in hot, humid environments.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes stereo c leds hybrid led stand SMZ445 460

LED Stand with All-In-One Design

The newly developed LED Stand features built-in diascopic and episcopic illumination. The light intensity of each illumination can be adjusted individually, and both can be used simultaneously. The light source uses very bright LEDs. Since they have a very long life, they avoid the cost and trouble of frequent replacement. And while the base is compact and thin, it is designed to be robust for all uses.

Multiple stand options

In addition to the LED Stand with built-in diascopic and episcopic illumination, Nikon offers other choices like the Plain Stand, which comes in two base stand sizes, and the Diascopic Stand S, with a built-in 6V, 20W halogen lamp.

C-PS160 plain stand

This stand features a thin design, a large ø180mm stage plate and a long 160mm distance between the pillar and optical axis to boost your working efficiency.

C-PS/C-PSC plain stands

The narrow design of these stands offers a comfortable work area and allows easy handling of samples. The C-PSC stand has a small base that saves desk space.

C-DS diascopic stand

This stand features a hand rest that ensures comfortable operation and a large-diameter stage glass for observation of large samples. Used in conjunction with 6V-20W halogen lamp.

C-DSS diascopic stand

This stand accommodates a light source and power supply in a simple design. The angle of the built-in mirror can be easily adjusted with the knob.

C-DSD diascopic stand

The high-end C-DSD Diascopic Stand features condenser lenses that can be switched between low and high magnifications. Furthermore, the Oblique Coherent Contrast (OCC) Illumination system has been developed in response to user requests for high-contrast illumination. The system allows colorless and transparent samples to be observed in high relief.

C-BD diascopic bright/darkfield stand

This stand uses a seven-sided toroidal mirror to substantially reduce stray light that causes a decrease in contrast when using short-working distance objectives under darkfield diascopic illumination. Consequently, it enables high S/B ratio darkfield images

nikon metrology industrial microscopes stereo optical performance SMZ445 460

Outstanding optical performance

High quality images with superior flatness are achieved by following the optical design and quality criteria of all Nikon's high performance stereoscopic microscope series. The multicoatings on lens surfaces provide clear, bright and high contrast images.

Illumination systems

C-FIR Fiber-optics ring Illuminator (12V-100W halogen)

Incorporates a 12V-100W halogen lamp with reflection mirrors. It supplies conical-shaped light through an optical fiber from above the sample to its center, minimizing unwanted shadow.

C-FID Fiber-optics bifurcated illuminator (12V-100W halogen)

Incorporates a 12V-100W halogen lamp with reflection mirrors to project light beams onto the desired position via two optical-fiber arms. The direction and angle of the illumination can be changed with simple adjustments of these flexible arms.

C-DSLS Lamphouse (6V-20W halogen)

Using a 6V-20W halogen lamp as light source, the C-DSLS can be externally attached to generate epi-fluorescence illumination. It can also be mounted to the C-DS Diascopic Stand.

SMZ-U Episcopic arm

Can be mounted to the C-DSLS Lamphouse or the G-LS Episcopic Illuminator.

G-LS Episcopic illuminator (6V-10W halogen)

Offers sufficient brightness with reflection light originating from a 6V-10W halogen lamp. It can be mounted on the C-PS Plain Stand where its illumination angle can be easily adjusted.

G-EIA Flexible arm

Can be flexibly bent so that the G-LS Episcopic Illuminator can be set to the appropriate position.

C-FPS Fluorescent ring illuminator

A ring-shaped fluorescent tube provides uniform illumination over the entire visual field without shadows. This illuminator uses a long-life CRT of 160V-30mA, and it lights up immediately after switching ON.

SM-LW61Ji LED Illuminator

This is a high-intensity illuminator incorporating 60 long-life white LEDs. Flickering is suppressed by adjusting the intensity control.


SM-S4L 4 x 4 stage

Used in combination with an optional extension pillar, the 4 x 4 Stage allows precise movement in the XY direction, facilitating fine alignment during high-magnification observations under episcopic illumination.

(Although mountable on a diascopic stand, it is not suitable for observation as it blocks illumination.)

Sliding stage 2

Loaded with a sample, the stage can be easily moved in the desired direction simply with a light push to its edges. Travel range is within ø40mm.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes stereo eyepiece lenses SMZ445 460

Eyepiece lenses

Dedicated eyepiece lenses with diopter adjustments for parfocality. Combining the SMZ445 with 20x eyepiece lenses enables observation at a maximum of 70x. Rubber eyecups are available for the 10x eyepiece lenses.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes stereo working distance SMZ445 460

Long working distances

The long working distance of 100mm allows safe focusing even with specimens having markedly uneven surfaces. This is useful when using tweezers, dissection tools or a pipette during specimen manipulation.






Twin zooming objective optical system

Twin zooming objective optical system

Total magnification

8x ~ 35x (4x ~ 70x by replacing eyepiece and/or auxiliary objective lens)

7x ~ 30x (3.5x ~ 60x by replacing eyepiece and/or auxiliary objective lens)


SM 10xB eyepieces (F.N. 21), SM 15xB eyepieces (F.N.14), SM 20xB eyepieces (F.N. 12)

SM 10xB eyepieces (F.N. 21), SM 15xB eyepieces (F.N.14), SM 20xB eyepieces (F.N. 12)

Zoom range

0.8x ~ 3.5x (Zoom ratio: 4.4:1)

0.7x ~ 3x (Zoom ratio: 4.3:1)

Auxiliary objective lens

AL0.5x, 0.7x (optional)

AL0.5x, 0.7x (optional)

Working distance

100mm (standard configuration), 127.5mm (AL0.7x), 181mm (AL0.5x)

100mm (standard configuration), 127.5mm (AL0.7x), 181mm (AL0.5x)

Eyepiece inclination



Optical system

True erect image, 12º inner bevel, independent adjustment of right and left eyepieces, and 54 to 75mm interpupillary adjustment

True erect image, 12º inner bevel, independent adjustment of right and left eyepieces, and 54 to 75 mm interpupillary adjustment

Weight (Zooming body)

Approx. 1.0kg

Approx. 1.0 kg




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