SMZ 25 and SMZ 18

Nikon’s Stereo microscopes, SMZ25 and SMZ 18 are revolutionizing stereomicroscopy. With the world’s largest stereo microscope zoom range of 25:1, the SMZ 25, offers exceptional and unique capability. Parfocal ultra-high-performance objective lenses, exceptional optical design throughout and, accessory modularity all provide greater user convenience due to a design philosophy focusing on ergonomics

These new top of the range stereo microscopes cover a wide range of applications from routine stereoscopic observations with image capture of superb quality, to more challenging applications where low magnification is used to select a region of interest, and then with the world’s highest zoom range available, a feature may be seen at a far higher magnification without the need for changing lenses or moving the focus drive risking loss of position of the point of interest.

Once an objective turret is added the magnification can be extended far above the 25:1 presenting a high resolution image to the operator equally to both the left and right side optical paths.



High-end Materials Science and Industrial use

  • Research and Development activities across the full range of component parts and materials
  • Production Quality Control functions for both routine and critical component applications
  • Failure analysis studies to help determine, predict modes of failure, and verify applied solutions
  • Component surface examination, crack detection, corrosion studies and coating efficiency
  • Composite materials for Aerospace, Fabrics / Textiles, building and construction goods
  • Machine tool inspection for material integrity and features
  • Optoelectronic devices by structures and component location
  • Microelectronics, Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Mobile phone components & technologies, as well as electrical shavers & fine watch manufacturing
  • Medical devices including Implants, Prosthetics, and Intra vascular systems
  • Paint and coating technologies, inspecting both raw materials and in-situ coating integrity
  • Art and antiquity conservation / restoration in both research and routine activities



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Benefits and Features

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 innovative optical designInnovative Nikon Optical Design

The innovative Nikon optical design system named  “Perfect Zoom Optics” realizes the world’s first and only zoom ratio of 25:1.
Even with a standard 1x objective lens, the SMZ25 captures the entire diameter of a  35mm dish and with only a zoom change delivers microscopic details at a 25 times higher magnification.
By using the optional lens turret, multiple and parfocal lenses (all matched to the same object plane) may be used allowing a 0.5x lens to be used alongside a 2x lens so in combination with the 25:1 zoom provides a remarkable total magnification range capability. This is possible without disturbing the sample’s position or eyepiece height for the operator’s maximum comfort and efficiency in use.



nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 key benefitsKey benefits

SMZ25  provides the world’s largest zoom range (25:1) and highest resolution in the SMZ series

SMZ25 uses a motorized focus and zoom operation with user illumination control

SMZ18 uses a manual zoom and focus changer

SMZ25 provides an Auto Link Zoom (ALZ) function to maintain the magnification value to be automatically preserved when lenses on a turret are changed. This avoids disorientation for the user when changing between lenses on a turret.

Crystal clear images are delivered from both white light and fluorescence  illumination contrast techniques.

Easy-to-operate and slim LED DIA base with OCC illumination
(oblique lighting contrast method developed by Nikon)


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 superior resolution zoomSuperior resolution never before seen on a stereo microscope

Nikon's newly developed objective lenses in the SHR Plan Apo series, offer a high resolution at 1100LP/mm  (using SHR Plan Apo 2x, maximum zoom, available on both left and right side optical axes). The new set of SHR Plan Apo lenses all deliver brilliant images, true-to-life color with exceptional resolution. Importantly this is delivered equally to both the left and right optical paths.

The objective lens set is fully parfocal, allowing a turret to be used to exchange lenses without any need to strongly raise or lower the microscope over the sample. The importance of this feature cannot be overstated as it avoids operator disorientation at the region of interest on a complex sample or a material surface feature when changing magnification between two lenses.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 auto link zoom bAuto Link Zoom (ALZ) supports seamless viewing at different scales

The ALZ function automatically adjusts the zoom factor to maintain the same field of view when switching between two objective lenses on a turret changer.
This function enables seamless switching between lenses so enabling the transition from full area imaging at the low magnification, to far more detailed imaging at high magnifications now exceeding the 25:1 zoom range to the full magnification range available with two objectives.


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 signal to useImproved Signal to Noise (S/N) ratio delivers crystal clear fluorescent images due to the improved optical system

Nikon's newly developed epi fluorescence system offers a significant improvement in the S/N ratio even at higher magnifications. This improved S/N ratio makes it possible to observe and capture images of auto-fluorescent materials found or deposited in micro-cracks, photoresist layers, document materials and textile fibers, all of which are expected to be very difficult to see using conventional stereo microscope fluorescent systems


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 nis elementsA wide range of digital imaging capabilities with the DS camera series and the NIS-Elements imaging software suite

Easily obtain the dynamic system settings information you need, such as Z drive position, zoom factor, objective lens, filter cube, and LED DIA brightness by using the Digital Sight camera series in combination with the NIS-Elements software suite all together with the microscope.

Imaging Software NIS-Elements

A software for all systems: NIS-Elements is Nikon's flagship, cross-platform imaging software that can be used with Nikon’s stereomicroscope systems SMZ25 and SMZ18.
The NIS-Elements suite enables a wide range of advanced digital imaging capabilities from a PC or laptop.

Time lapse

Easily setup a time-lapse imaging experiment with NIS-Elements when using a heating cooling sample stage.
Extended depth of focus (EDF) to construct and save an image made from all the in-focus pixel data captured over a wide focus range of the sample.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 easy to use occ illuminationEasy-to-use OCC illumination

The LED DIA Base with a built-in OCC illuminator generates minimal heat, consumes little power and has a long-life of use. This illuminator will enhance the contrast of transparent / translucent uneven surfaces.

The OCC illuminator is controlled using a slide lever. Thanks to the scales on the slide lever, the user can record and reproduce desired illumination and contrast levels. In addition, an OCC plate can be inserted into the illumination unit from the front and rear sides, so images with different shadow direction can also be observed.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 occ illuminationWhat is OCC illumination?

The acronym OCC stands for oblique coherent contrast (OCC), which is a form of oblique lighting method developed by Nikon. Compared to conventional Diascopic illumination that illuminates directly from below, OCC illumination applies coherent light to samples in a diagonal direction, giving contrast to colorless and transparent sample structures.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 on axis imagingOn-axis imaging for digital images using the objective turret

Easily switch between stereo position (stereoscopic view) and mono position (on-axis view) when using the P2-RNI2 Intelligent Nosepiece by simply rotating the objective lens to the on-axis position.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 remote controllerUser-friendly remote controller

The all new remote controller provides easy access to the zoom and focus controls. It is designed for both right and left hand use. The remote controller contains an LCD monitor with an adjustable backlight which provides information regarding the zoom factor, objective lens, filter cube, and LED DIA brightness at a glance.





Total magnification
(Using 10x eyepiece 
(Depending on objective used)
(Depending on objective used)
Zooming Body Optical system Parallel-optics (zooming type) Parallel-optics (zooming type)
Zoom range 0.63-15.75x 0.75-13.5x
Zoom range 25:1 18:1
Zoom Motorized  Manual
Aperture diaphragm Zooming body built-in  Zooming body built-in
Controller  Remote controller  -
NA / Working Distance (mm)

0.5x  0.078 / 71  0.075 / 71
1x  0.156 / 60 0.15 / 60 
1.6x   0.25 / 30  0.24 / 30
2x  0.312 / 20  0.3 / 20
Tubes  Tilting trinocular tube / Low eyelevel trinocular tube 
Epi-Fluorescence attachment  Motorized / Manual filter cube turret (4 filter cubes mountable) 
Bases / Stand  LED Diascopic base / Fiber Diascopic base
Episcopic plain base / Episcopic plain stand 
Episcopic illuminators  Coaxial Epi illuminator / LED ring  illumination unit
LED ring fiber illumination unit
Flexible double arm fiber illumination unit 
Diascopic illuminators  LED dark field unit /  Polarizing attachment 




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