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JEOL NeoScope JCM-7000 SEM

The JCM-7000’s highly-advanced auto functions, stage automation, and software enable easy sample imaging and elemental analysis for users of all experience levels.

Equipped with a large sample chamber, both high and low vacuum modes of operation, both secondary and backscatter electron detectors (SED & BSED), real-time 3D imaging, easy to use metrology tools and optional fully-integrated EDS. The JCM-7000 NeoScope is SMART – FLEXIBLE - POWERFUL.



  • Smart – The latest innovations are built into the benchtop platform to make SEM accessible to everyone. All the controls are at the user's fingertips through an intuitive software interface. Automatic condition setting is based on sample type and application for image formation in minutes. Seamless navigation from the holder graphic or optical image (option) to high resolution SEM image enhances productivity.

  • Flexible – Choose the right platform. Add options such as the Stage Navigation System (color camera), Tilt Rotation Motorized Holder for sample manipulation, fully-embedded EDS for elemental analysis and Smile View Map for 3D image reconstruction and surface texture analysis. 

  • Powerful – High resolution Tungsten (W) filament source allows magnification up to 100,000X. Large analytical chamber can handle samples as large as 80mm (D) x 50mm (H). Secondary and backscatter electron detectors along with high and low vacuum modes of operation allow for the study of a wide variety of sample types. The BSE detector supports live 3D imaging for intuitive knowledge of sample surface shape.



  • Zeromag - Simplifies navigation and enhances throughput by providing a seamless transition from a color camera image (option) or holder graphic to the live SEM image.
  • Montage - The ability to set up automated image stitching and automated montage EDS maps.
  • Multiple live imaging modes - Simultaneous SE and BSE imaging and includes signal mixing with user control of contribution from each detector.
  • Easy installation - This system is compatible with standard electrical outlet (no special circuit required).
  • SmileView™ Lab - Central data management software links the SNS (optical) image, SEM images and EDS analysis results and locations. Smart report layout.


Benefits & features

Improved work efficiency

What is the foreign material first observed with the optical microscope? Are there problems with the shape of the part? Was the raw material contaminated or out of specification? Quickly confirm the morphology and composition (constituent elements), which cannot be identified fully from an optical microscope alone.

Efficiency up: example - Quality Control

With the SEM it is possible to observe a compositional contrast view that cannot be seen in an optical image, so even at the same magnification, more information can be obtained. Observation and analysis can be performed with no specimen pre-treatment using the low-vacuum mode.

Seamless transition from Optical to SEM imaging

holly leaf exampleHolly olive leaf at 100 μm and 10 μm. Zeromag (Optional accessory)

An optical image is automatically acquired when the sample is inserted. Search for the field of view on the optical image, then zoom in on the target to automatically switch to an SEM image. Moving to the observation position is easy for quick SEM image acquisition with a minimal number of steps.


salt rock exampleSalt rock at 500 μm and 10 μm. Low-vacuum (LV) mode

In addition to the high-vacuum mode for the clearest SEM observation of surface morphology, the JCM-7000 is also equipped with two more LV pressure modes to allow viewing and imaging of various non-conductive specimens without pre-treatment.

screening whilst performing observation with live analysisScreening whilst performing observation with Live Analysis.

Seamless transition from SEM imaging to EDS Analysis

With Live Analysis, SEM observation and EDS analysis are no longer separate steps. The X-ray spectrum with the main constituent elements are displayed in Real Time on the observation screen.

The JCM-7000 also includes Live Map to view the spatial distribution of the elements in Real Time. Live Map increases the probability of finding the elements of interest as well as detecting unexpected elements.

Simple report creation and data management

SMILE VIEW Lab is a fully integrated data management software program which links the optical images, SEM SMILE VIEW Lab is a fully integrated data management software program which links the optical images, SEM images, EDS analysis results and corresponding stage coordinates for fast report generation or recall of specimen position and SEM conditions for further study.

Batch creation of reports

In the Data management screen, users can review or re-analyze data as well as generate batch reports from all the data, SEM images through analysis. The Data management screen can be opened using the Data management button or from the list of measured data. Once the data is selected, a report can be generated with just one click. Reports can be exported to PDF, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint®.

Main Specifications

Direct magnification x10 to 100,00
Magnification is defined by 128 mm x 96 mm
Display magnification x24 to 202,168
Magnification is defined by 280 mm x 210 mm
Mode High-Vacuum mode: secondary electron image, Backscattered electron image (composition, topographic and shadow, 3D images)
Low Vacuum mode: backscattered electron image (composition, topographic and shadow, 3D images)
Accelerating voltage 5 kV, 10 kV, 15 kV (3 stages)
Electron source Tungsten filament / Wehnelt Integrated gird
Specimen stage X-Y motor drive stage
X: 40 mm Y: 40 mm
Maximum specimen size 80 mm diameter x 50 mm height
Specimen exchange Draw-out mechanism
Pixels for image acquisition 540 x 480, 1,280 x 960
2,560 x 1920, 5,120 x 3,480
Automatic functions Alignment, focus, stigmator, brightness / contrast
Measurement functions Distance between 2 points, angles, line, width
File format BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG
Computer Desktop PC Windows® 10
Monitor 24 inch
Vacuum system Full-automatic TMP: 1, RP: 1


Installation Requirements

Power supply

Single phase AC 100 V (120 V, 220 V, 240 V are supported) 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum 700 VA
(AC 10 V), 840 VA (AC 120 V)
880 VA (AC 220 V), 960 VA (AC 240 V)

Voltage variation tolerance 90 to 110 V at power supply voltage 100 V
108 to 132 V at power supply voltage 120 V
198 to 242 V at power supply voltage 220 V
216 to 250 V at power supply voltage 240 V
Installation room Temperature: 15 to 30°C
Humidity: 30 to 60% RH (no condensation)
Stray magnetic fields: 0.3 μT or less (50 / 60 Hz, sine wave)
Desk: 100 kg or more, with rigidity
Main unit dimensions (W) 324 mm x (D) 586 mm x (H) 566 mm
Main unit weight 67 kg



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