NIS-Elements -  Microscope Imaging Software

nikon metrology industrial microscopes software NIS ElementsNever before has a microscope software package achieved such recognition for comprehensive device control with a suite of image analysis, visualization and archiving tools.

Nikon's NIS-Elements revolutionizes imaging software for the microscopy market by combining automated intelligence to microscopes, cameras, components and peripherals with powerful archiving, analysis, visualization and archiving tools. Its intuitive interface simplifies workflow and speeds up image acquisition times while providing powerful features such as image stitching, object counting and volume views.

Benefits & features

nikon metrology industrial microscopes software z stack 5cols NIS ElementsExtended Depth of Focus (EDF)/ Stitching

With the Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) module, images that have been captured in a different Z-axis can be used to create an all-in focus image. Also, it is possible to create stereovision images & 3D surface images to achieve virtual 3D imaging.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes software filter particle analysis NIS ElementsFilter Particle Analysis

Thanks to the new module - Filter Particle Analysis - the system can automatically scan and analyze filters.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes software grain size NIS ElementsGrain Size

Metals, except for single crystals, contain internal boundaries known as grain boundaries. Metallographers examine polished cross sections of specimens from appropriate locations to determine the local grain size. Nikon Imaging software classifies grain size automatically.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes software cast iron NIS Elements

Cast Iron

Cast iron sample image shows ferrite, pearlite and graphite phases, before gray scale thresholding.
Iron castings with graphite flakes (gray iron) are not as strong or impact resistant as those with round nodular graphite (ductile iron). Nikon Imaging Software automatically classifies the form, distribution, and size of the graphite which is useful in the determination of the mechanical behavior of the cast iron.

NIS-Elements Website

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