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From 2016-02-01 to 2018-07-31


nikon metrology rd flanders makeThe overall goal of this project is to develop an integrated platform for a cost-effective manufacturing of aerospace composites.  This will significantly reduce the production time and the production costs. The solution include laser scanning to measure and evaluate machined features (dimensions and location).


Flanders Make, KU Leuven, Uhasselt, Sirris, Asco Industries, Sabca, Maex Precision Production, Nikon Metrology Europe, LAB Motion Systems, Oerlikon Balzers




From 2013-10-01 to 2017-09-30


nikon metrology rd Interacqt logoThe non-destructive quality control of a wide variety of high-added value products, produced by innovative manufacturing techniques, remains a challenge. Examples include additive manufacturing parts, micro parts, and fibre reinforced composite parts. Common to these workpieces is the dependency of their performance on internal and inaccessible elements. Nevertheless, customers in multiple sectors are requesting certified quality and reliability.

For the last few years industrial Computed Tomography (CT) has been regarded as a promising technology, which can evolve towards integrated quality control of complex workpieces combining dimensional metrology and material defect analysis. However, major challenges remain in order to exploit its full potential. Meeting these requires a broad range of expertise, including physics, dimensional metrology, non-destructive testing, material sciences, precision engineering, and manufacturing engineering. Due to the distinct interdisciplinary character, there is a strong need for young researchers with a broad range of competences to achieve the envisaged innovation breakthrough in the EU industry.

The INTERAQCT project has been conceived as a pan-European industrial-academic initiative that will provide the unique and encompassing training environment required, by bringing together expertise from industry and academia in each of these domains (CT-equipment, CT-software, NDT, dimensional metrology, additive manufacturing, micro-manufacturing, composite manufacturing).

The research will develop procedures for fast and accurate CT model acquisition, with special emphasis on multi-material parts. Furthermore, INTERAQCT targets quantification and improvement of the reliability of CT measurement results, by determining the probability of detection of material defects as well as by achieving metrological traceability. In addition, CT based quality improvement loops will be targeted for key emerging manufacturing technologies.



The project is coordinated by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Mechanical Engineering Department. X-TEK Systems Ltd, a Nikon Metrology company, is one of the industrial partners. Other partners include Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits - IIS, University of Applied Science Upper Austria, Research Group Computed Tomography, Universita Degli Studi di Padova, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, RWTH Aachen, Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering – WZL, Volume Graphics GMBH, Materialise NV, Physikaltisch-Technische Bundesanstalt - PTB, and National Physical Laboratory - NPL, U.K. The associated partners are LayerWise, Novo Nordisk A/S, Borealis Polyolefine GMBH, Eltek S.P.A., Argon Measuring Solutions, Nuovo Pignone S.R.L. and Kiekert AG.



Project CAN (Composite Aircraft NDE)

From 2014-06-01 to 2017-05-31


nikon metrology rd innovate ukProject CAN is a collaboration between the UK aerospace industries, UK X-ray technology companies and academia to develop new testing techniques to ensure modern aircraft are designed using the latest materials and techniques to reduce their environmental impact whilst ensuring their safe operation.

Two technologies will be developed for the testing of aircraft structures, components and engines; X-ray back scatter and Laminar CT.

The new techniques have their origins in both medical equipment and cross border security equipment.
The project partners see the techniques as crucial to the UK retaining its strong position as a worldwide leader in the aerospace market


The project is lead by QinetiQ Limited, UK. X-TEK Systems Ltd, a Nikon Metrology company, is one of the industrial X-ray technology partners. Other partners include Axi-tek Ltd, Rolls-Royce plc, and academic partners University of Southampton and University College London.