Horizontal Arm CMMs

Nikon Metrology partners offer a range of horizontal arm CMMs featuring ceramic guideways and air bearings for maximum stability at high velocity and acceleration. These horizontal arm CMMs provide unique access to the measuring envelope and can be supplied as subfloor or floor level installations, or as part of fully-automated measurement cells. These CMMs can also be integrated with Nikon laser scanning technology to further improve productivity and enhance overall throughout.


Some of the features and benefits of horizontal arm CMMs include:

  • High velocities/acceleration for low cycle time
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • Flexible multi-sensor platform: laser scanning, touch probes, analog scanning
  • Can be supplied with cast iron measuring plate
  • For the automotive sector, horizontal arm CMMs be used for full-body inspection as well as employed as an individual panel machine


Benefits & features

nikon metrology 3Dmetrology horizontal arms cmm rail mountedRAIL-MOUNTED HORIZONTAL ARM CMMs

Horizontal arm CMMs from Nikon Metrology partners are cost-effective and flexible measurement devices. These systems are perfectly suited for many applications, with a particular focus on the automotive sector, where rail-mounted models can easily handle large-volume parts such as car bodies and panels. Integration with the Nikon Metrology line of laser scanners augments measurement speed and accuracy.


nikon-metrology-apdis-measure-more-for-improved-productivityTABLE-MOUNTED HORIZONTAL ARM CMMs

Whether single or twin column, rail or table-mounted, all Nikon Metrology partnered horizontal arm CMMs provide unequalled performance. Again, replacing tactile probes with Nikon Metrology’s best-in-class laser scanners will yield far greater measurement efficiency for metrologists—a critical benefit in today’s busy shop floor environments.



Watch to learn how Nikon Metrology partnered horizontal arm CMMs can employ laser scanning to not only accelerate car body inspection but also improve the efficiency of the data collection process.


nikon metrology 3Dmetrology gantry cmm tactile probing


Offering high-speed measurement with interactive 3D visualization of deviation from nominal, Nikon Metrology’s non-contact technology eliminates the measurement errors associated with tactile probing.

When it comes to laser scanning, the Nikon Metrology L100, LC15Dx and LC65Dx Line Scanners or XC Cross Scanners allow you to scan virtually any component with unequalled levels of performance. Suitable for geometric inspection, free-form surface inspection or reverse engineering, laser scanning is available for everyone. This cost-effective scanning solution enhances traditional CMM inspection to increase productivity.


nikon metrology 3Dmetrology horizontal arms cmm tactile probing


Nikon Metrology partnered CMMs are equipped with a wide range of tactile measuring probes such as TP20 or TP200 mounted on Renishaw probe heads. These cost-effective tactile measurement solutions are the core of traditional CMM inspection.

When accuracy and high speed are expected, these CMM’s ultra-rigid ceramic frames guarantees that continuous contact scanning solutions such as SP25M or REVO-2 provide feature, form and free-form surface data with the highest productivity.


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