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1. Multi-sensor metrology

... integration Graphical reporting with SPC and Q-DAS link Gear and blade application software Production line automation CAMIO offers true multi-sensor capability, allowing best-practice selection ...

2. Nikon Metrology Strategic Partners

Offering customers the ultimate solution for microscopic examination and metrology. Recently, in 2016, Nikon Metrology introduced the Strategic Partnership program with a selection of key suppliers. ...

3. New Case Story: Nikon metrology addresses the challenges of inspecting graphene

In recognition of the importance of graphene, the new wonder material that is ultra-light and flexible yet 200 times stronger than steel, Nikon Metrology focuses on providing inspection solutions for research ...

4. New Case Story: Studio takes photomicrographs of minerals to produce stunning art

Nikon Metrology stereoscopic microscope fitted with a moving stage and high resolution camera replaces desktop scanner to transform image quality Professor Richard Weston, a renowned architect,lecturer ...

5. CAMIO8 multi-sensor CMM software provides better insights and more productivity

CAMIO offers true multi-sensor capability, allowing best-practice selection of sensor technology for each task. By combining touch trigger, analog scanning and 3D laser scanning sensors within the same ...

6. Nikon Metrology introduces new ALTERA range of CMMs

The new ALTERA range of bridge coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Nikon Metrology have been developed to meet the varying needs of manufacturers, both today and in the future. Improved productivity, ...

7. DS-Ri2 and DS-Qi2, microscopy digital cameras equipped with a Nikon digital SLR camera FX-format CMOS sensor optimized for microscopy

Nikon Metrology is pleased to announce the release of digital cameras for microscopes DS-Ri2 and DS-Qi2. These are the first Nikon digital cameras for microscopes in the Digital Sight series equipped with ...

8. NEW: Nikon DS-Fi3 and DS-L4 microscope camera & control unit

Nikon Metrology announces the release of the DS-Fi3 microscope camera and the DS-L4 camera control unit in the Digital Sight series. The Digital Sight series has gained a strong reputation amongst universities ...

9. MCAx

The MCAx 7-axis articulated arm is the perfect partner for the ModelMaker MMDx digital handheld laser scanners.

10. CAMIO Multi-sensor CMM software

CAMIO’s interoperability across CMM platforms, sensor technology and manufacturing sites enables manufacturers to accelerate lead times and improve product quality while reducing costs.

11. CMM-Manager

CMM-Manager for Windows is by far the most value-for-money tactile inspection software that runs on nearly all manual, CNC and portable CMMs.

12. ShuttlePix digital microscope

The ShuttlePix P-400Rv Digital Microscope from Nikon Metrology is a portable digital microscope that has a sleek, compact design well suited for onsite use.

13. DS-Fi3

Nikon Metrology provides optical inspection and mechanical 3D metrology solutions complemented with state-of-the-art vision measuring instruments and microscopes.

14. DS-Ri2

Nikon's next generation pixel-shifting digital microscope camera, ideal for high resolution brightfield and high color fidelity brightfield applications.

15. DS-Qi2

Nikon Instruments high speed, high sensitivity monochrome digital microscope camera specifically designed for fluorescence applications.

16. In-process CT

CT automation facilitates inline inspection in production environments, for fast inspection of critical parts with complex internal geometries or material structures.

17. Stand-alone CMM automation

Stand-alone CMM automation significantly increases CMM utilization and simplifies running inspection programs.

18. ALTO Aluminium Bridge CMM

ALTO is the perfect inspection solution for manufacturers seeking a cost-effective CMM with easy-to-use software for a variety of measurement tasks.

19. Focus Inspection

Focus Inspection offers feature and full part-to-CAD inspection starting from point cloud data or meshes from CMM-based and handheld scanners.

20. brochures/inexiv-vma-series-en.pdf

... target can be automatically detected using intelligent search XY coordinate XY coordinate after searching the target Main program layout Teaching file selection with interactive guides Digital chart ...