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1. Contact us - sales or distributor location

Contact us Sales or distributor location  ...

2. Contact us - services and support

Contact us Services and support  ...

3. brochures/l100-en.pdf

... scanning. 2 InSight L100 Higher productivity Better understanding Faster decisions Superior product quality 3 8 REASONS TO CHOOSE NIKON NON-CONTACT METRO BETTER INSIGHTS IN DEVIATIONS • Colorful ...

4. brochures/lc15dx-en.pdf

... unlike a tactile probe, the LC15Dx uses non-contact 3D laser triangulation to measure the surface directly and eliminate probe compensation errors. The uncertainty and delay caused when a laser scanner ...

5. brochures/mmdx-mcax-en.pdf

... mounting of both tactile probe and non-contact laser scanner Isolated hot and cold zones and temperature compensation on MMDx scanner Enhanced sensor performance Measurement of unfriendly surfaces is ...

6. brochures/nm-solutions-en.pdf

... and inspection programs. 4 MULTI-SENSOR METROLOGY CHOOSE THE RIGHT PROBE FOR THE JOB Laser scanner High speed measurement with interactive 3D visualization of deviation from nominal. Non-contact technology ...

7. brochures/xc65dx-en.pdf

... point-per-point laser intensity adaptation Non-contact laser scanning is ideal to measure flexible or fragile parts XC65Dx-LS long stand-off variant for optimum capture into deep pockets and slots APPLICATIONS • ...