Configurable Large Envelope Systems
Extensive range of options for precision X-ray and CT scanning

Nikon Metrology’s large-envelope X-ray and CT scanning systems offer industry-leading X-ray technology, ultra-precise manipulator design, intuitive software and advanced scanning modes to produce the most capable standard CT systems available. With a large inspection volume, these systems support multiple sources and detectors and can be custom-configured to suit a variety of applications in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, castings, plastics, consumer products and much more. Precision X-ray and CT scanning allows applications such as reverse engineering, part-to-CAD comparison, detailed failure analysis, advanced materials and biological structure research, digital archiving and much more.


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Product overview

The range of large-envelope systems can be built in a multiplicity of configurations to match the most demanding industry applications, from small, low‐density samples to large, high-density materials.


ico 1
Unique 450kV microfocus source and rotating targets
ico 2
Unrivalled versatility
ico 3
Unique CLDA for scatter-free X-ray and CT



Benefits & features


nikon metrology x ray les high energyx raysourcetechnologyHigh-energy X-ray source technology

Advanced, in-house designed, world-leading X-ray source technology, rated from 180kV through to 450kV, is at the heart of the superior image quality of Nikon Metrology's X-ray and CT systems. The world's only high energy 450kV microfocus X-ray source and high-brilliance rotating target technology result in image resolution superior to all other microfocus systems on the market and vastly better than that achievable with minifocus sources. This enables faster CT data acquisition by taking more radiographs in a given time without sacrificing image quality, or higher data accuracy and resolution in the same time. A 450kV microfocus and 450kV minifocus source may be combined in one system configuration.



nikon metrology x ray les unrivalledsystemversatilityUnrivalled system versatility

E1, M2, C1, C2 and C3 series options are customisable solutions, from single source and smaller enclosure configurations up to triple source and larger enclosure configurations, users can find a system suited to the application. The systems can be installed into an existing radiation enclosure or supplied with a new, modular enclosure with ergonomic design and intuitive user features.

Flat panel detector options with fast Panel-Scan, Offset.CT and helical X.Tend capabilities for all sample sizes add to the versatility, while additional customisation to cater for heavy samples, load configurations or extended height may be specified.

The metrology-grade granite base provides ultra-precise scanning, with the E- and M- series having vertical travel in the sample manipulator, and the C-series having intuitive vertical X-ray source and detector motion, suiting any application.



nikon metrology x ray sources graph3Advanced detectors and scanning modes

The large envelope systems can be configured with a choice of large, high-quality, 16-bit detectors up to 4000x4000 pixels for optimal image quality. These detectors can be configured with variable source-to-detector distance, meaning any sample image can be optimised for contrast and resolution.

To add to the versatility, Nikon’s range of advanced scanning modes allow superior image quality even with large, tall, wide or dense samples. Fast Panel-Scan mode allows an extended field-of-view for wide samples, while X.Tend allows users to extend the height of a CT scan through multiple fields-of-view in one, seamless continuous scan, enhancing resolution for tall samples. Dual-detector options can combine flat panel detectors with CLDA detector technology, for scatter-free CT even in dense samples.


nikon metrology x ray xth225 versatilex rayctsolutions 2Software to assist every application

An intuitive GUI offers menu-guided, rapid workflows to suit any user. There is full customisation for expert operators, as well as batch scan and pre-loaded profiles for novices. In addition to the advanced scanning modes, the large envelope systems come with Nikon’s advanced reconstruction engine, for world-leading reconstruction times and high-quality data generation.

Control through IPC communication permits automated workflows and analysis, with data output to industry-leading visualisation and analysis software. Customisable software solutions and analysis tools are available for sample-specific analysis.



nikon metrology m1
Entry-level CT and DR system
  nikon metrology m1
Flexible system for a variety of applications
  nikon metrology c1
High kV source for high density parts
  nikon metrology c2
High kV source for large and dense parts
  nikon metrology c2C3
Ultra large-format CT system
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