XT H 450
Unique 450kV Microfocus X-ray and CT System for Inspecting Dense Components

The Nikon Metrology XT H 450 X-ray and CT system with the unique 450kV microfocus X-ray source offers the necessary power to penetrate high-density parts, while achieving micron-accuracy. Used in conjunction with a proprietary Curved Linear Diode Array (CLDA), the XT H 450 can produce scatter-free radiographs and 3D image volumes of dense and complex structures.

The XT H 450 is ideal for non-destructively inspecting small to medium size metal alloy turbine blades, metal additive manufactured or cast parts and other dense objects, allowing users to visualise, analyse and measure complex geometry, surfaces and internal components without physical sectioning of the sample.


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Product overview

The XT H 450 system offers the world's only high-energy 450kV microfocus X-ray source, delivering 25-micron repeatability and accuracy. The system generates stunning 2D and 3D images with unrivalled signal-to-noise ratio, with flexibility to integrate multiple detectors. XT H 450 is perfect for high throughput, high accuracy and a range of applications.


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Worlds-only 450kV microfocus X-ray source
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Unique CLDA for scatter-free X-ray and CT
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Fully automated inspection

Benefits & features


 nikon metrology x ray xth450 highbrilliance450kvrotatingtargets

450kV microfocus X-ray source

The 450kV/450 W microfocus X-ray source is the only one in the world to offer such high energy with such high resolution, delivering 25-micron repeatability and accuracy. Spot size is many times smaller than that of minifocus sources, so the level of detail that it captures is beyond comparison. Users benefit from better visualisation through superior resolution and accuracy as well as the ability to tackle a wide range of applications.

The XT H 450 has an open-tube design, meaning that the filament can be replaced inexpensively in minutes. In contrast, sealed tubes are expensive to replace when they fail. Open-tube filament exchange in-house reduces downtime to a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks, allowing long lifetime, consistent image quality and reduced cost of ownership. The 450kV X-ray source is available with unique rotating target technology (see below).

nikon metrology x ray sources graphHigh brilliance 450kV rotating targets

Nikon Metrology's high-brilliance 450kV X-ray source utilises rotating target technology, unique in industrial microfocus systems. The rotating target dissipates heat during X-ray generation, allowing a smaller spot size for higher energies and powers, ultimately leading to higher resolution, high-contrast images.

The liquid-cooled rotating target means that the power can be increased four-fold without degrading the spot size. This enables either faster CT data acquisition by taking more radiographs in a given time without sacrificing image quality, or higher data accuracy and resolution in the same time. The microfocus 450kV source provides optimal image quality by producing less geometric unsharpness, allowing image magnification without sacrificing quality.

nikon metrology x ray software inspect x3d standardUnique detector technology

The XT H 450 system is available with both a high-quality flat panel detector and the CLDA. Its unique design allows a constant X-ray path length, with longer crystals designed specifically to enhance X-ray sensitivity up to 450kV and hence boost the signal-to-noise ratio. The design of this detector also optimises the collection of X-rays without capturing undesired scattered X-rays, which are caused by dense samples. Stunning image sharpness and contrast are delivered, as image pollution and associated contrast reduction are avoided, providing critical insights into the component under examination.

The combination of detectors allows high throughput and stunning image quality, enabling the internal and external geometry of a part to be measured efficiently and non-destructively, saving the time and cost of sectioning samples for quality control. The superior measuring accuracy and small feature detection capability mean that precision parts, additively-manufactured components, castings and complex assemblies may be inspected with speed.



nikon metrology xth320 
XT H 320
High kV source for medium density parts
  nikon metrology xth450
XT H 450
High kV source for high density parts
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