X-ray CT systems

Nikon Metrology

Nikon offers a wide range of industry-leading X-ray and CT systems, with configuration flexibility to ensure a system that is right for you. Nikon X-ray CT systems provide insight into the inside, allowing users to visualise, analyse and measure internal components, surfaces and complex geometry, all non-destructively. Whether in a research setting or production environment, Nikon’s range of systems suit a wide variety of applications, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, castings, plastics, consumer products and much more.

At the heart of superior image quality is Nikon’s world-leading X-ray source technology, ranging from 130kV through to 450kV, all with micron resolution. Unique X-ray source design such as multi-metal target options, rotating target technology, integrated generator technology and the worlds-only 450kV microfocus source allow superior image quality in 2D X-ray and 3D computed tomography across the entire range of systems.