Nikon X-ray Source Technology

At the heart of the superior image quality of Nikon Metrology's CT systems are world-leading X-ray sources. They have been designed and manufactured in-house since 1987, so encompass well over 30 years of expertise. Control over the X-ray source technology, the heart of the image, allows Nikon Metrology to move quickly with the market and develop complete and innovative solutions to suit each application. All X-ray sources are of open-tube design, allowing long lifetime and low cost of ownership for the entire range of systems from 130kV through to 450kV.



Benefits & features

nikon metrology x ray sources 160kv160kV Nanotech Xi Source

The patented Nikon Xi microfocus source offers sub-micron feature recognition and can be fitted into the XT V system range. With an energy up to 160kV and a true-target power up to 20 Watts, the transmission target allows magnification of samples for high resolution imaging. The Xi source is of open-tube design for unlimited lifecycle, avoiding expensive replacements associated with sealed-tube technology. Users can perform routine filament changes inexpensively, as they are housed in filament cup assemblies that simply click into place, minimising downtime and allowing consistent long-term image quality. The Xi source also has an integrated generator design, so no high voltage cable maintenance is needed, further reducing cost of ownership.



nikon metrology x ray sources onexraytubelimitlessapplicationsOne X-ray tube, limitless applications

Designed and built in-house, Nikon Metrology's unique X-ray sources have easily interchangeable target heads. The 225kV range allows up to 5 to fit onto the same tube base, resulting in unique flexibility and performance. It provides outstanding image quality across multiple powers and resolutions. While competitor models require maintenance-intensive, dual-tube configurations for flexibility, all Nikon Metrology sources from 180kV to 320kV also have a universal open tube to allow optimisation for a wide range of applications. A transmission target with 1 μm spot size is offered, through the proprietary 225kV reflection target (with unique multi-metal option) to the world's only rotating target. The 320kV microfocus target provides extra penetration for denser samples.



nikon metrology x ray sources 225kvreflectiontargetwithmultimetaloption225kV reflection target with multi-metal option

The 225kV ultrafocus open-tube source with a minimum spot size of 3 μm is the core of Nikon Metrology’s XT H 225 range. It can be configured into a wide range of systems, from XT H 225 through XT H 225 ST and MCT 225 to the XT H 320 and any of the large-envelope systems. The source has the flexibility to cope with a range of sample sizes and densities and delivers long service life and low cost of ownership. The unique multi-metal target option allows users to change the X-ray emission profile, which can be vital for analysis of lower density material. The target metal can be changed from tungsten to silver, molybdenum or copper without breaking vacuum.



nikon metrology x ray sources graph1Rotating Target Technology

Nikon Metrology is the only X-ray/CT equipment manufacturer to offer rotating target technology. An option in the 225kV and 450kV systems as an alternative to the static reflection target, it efficiently disperses the heat generated so the flux can be boosted by up to 5x, leading to incredible resolution, high contrast images. The liquid-cooled design allows continuous operation and consecutive scanning across the entire power range up to 450W for high scanning productivity, uniquely without the power limitations and need for cool-down periods required by competitors' targets. Image quality is improved by having up to 3x higher resolution for the same power or alternatively 3-5x faster data collection for the same resolution.


nikon metrology x ray sources worldsonly450microfocusxraysourceWorld's only 450 microfocus X-ray source

The world's only high-energy, 450kV/450W microfocus X-ray source coupled with high-brilliance rotating target technology results in image resolution superior to all other microfocus systems, vastly better than that achievable with minifocus sources. Users benefit from better visualisation, optimal image quality with less geometric unsharpness and faster CT data acquisition. Open-tube design allows the filament to be replaced inexpensively in minutes, minimising downtime, in contrast to sealed tubes that are expensive and time-consuming to replace when they fail.