Inspect-X Software
X-ray inspection on the XT V system range

Inspect-X is Nikon’s in-house, 6th generation, industry-leading software for X-ray and CT systems. Designed around the user experience, Inspect-X is intuitive and streamlines workflows for the most productive X-ray inspection. Inspect-X on the XT V system range features user-friendly controls and imaging to streamline complex inspections, with quick-access toolbars utilising the most advanced visualisation and analysis function capabilities. XT V systems with Inspect-X enable rapid deployment of new product lines, within minutes rather than hours or days.


Benefits & features

nikon metrology x ray software cclear 1Advanced inspection with C.Clear imaging engine

Nikon’s imaging engine C.Clear intelligently adapts to changing X-ray conditions and sample positions, automatically adjusting image controls, contrast and brightness to provide the clearest, sharpest images. Real-time enhancements and filters can be customised to suit wide-ranging sample types and individual preferences.

With C.Clear, operators can make fast and well-informed decisions, enabling defects to be detected correctly first time, especially for hard to detect faults within multi-tier BGA or complex components. The C.Clear imaging engine enables manufacturers to increase inspection throughput and to reduce false call rates, leading to superior quality and efficiency. A whole range of post-processing image filters and enhancements can also be applied to any image, complementing the active C.Clear engine.



nikon metrology x ray software inspect xNext generation defect analysis

Inspect-X offers the most advanced visualisation and analysis function capabilities, with quick access toolbars for measurements on any sample and dedicated analysis tools for electronics and printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies.

The new ball grid array (BGA) analysis tool provides powerful image processing, fully automated analysis and detailed reporting to inspect complex packages such as Package on Package (PoP) or multi-layered boards. With its powerful image processing algorithm, the tool gives accurate results even in complex board assemblies with underside components and allows customisation to build automated pass/fail inspection routines.

The range of inspection tools comes as standard for applications including BGA (voiding, size, circularity, bridging), automated multi-bond wire analysis, plated-through hole (PTH) analysis and more.


nikon metrology x ray software inspect x2d xtractlaminographyand3dreconstructionX-Tract Laminography and 3D reconstruction

Nikon’s X-Tract laminography is a technique that provides 3D reconstructions of a sample, similar to that of computed tomography (CT), in a matter of minutes. The X-Tract laminography module utilises Nikon Metrology’s advanced CT reconstruction software capabilities and world-leading reconstruction times to produce virtual 3D micro-sections of a sample in any orientation.

The X-Tract tool provides fully automated acquisition, powerful image processing and detailed reporting to produce stunning images of internal components. With X.Tract, users gain better insight into complex and multi-layer packages. The extent of voids, cracks and misalignment can also be easily visualised in the context of a 3D structure, leading to reduced false call rates and higher productivity.


nikon metrology x ray software inspect x2d automationandhigh throughputAutomation and high-throughput

Inspect-X on the XT V systems allows inspection in automation mode to maximise productivity and perform inspection routines. Customising the automated inspection programs utilising the graphical interface is designed for all users of the system and requires no complex programming skills.

The automation mode is designed for easy integration at customer sites, with automated reporting functions readable on any PC and optional visual checks during automated inspection routines to allow interactive inspection.

The automation mode can integrate the full complement of analysis tools, making the XT V system range highly productive for repeated inspections of PCBAs, semiconductor components and high density boards. IPC control allows full customization of XT V systems into production lines and customer solutions.