The NEXIV VMZ-H3030 system sets the standard when high accuracy is critical

The VMZ-H3030 CNC video metrology system provides a 300mm x 300mm x 150mm (X,Y,Z) measuring envelope together with a range of high quality optics, complete with a TTL (through the lens) scanning laser as standard. The system is designed to provide the ultimate in high precision.


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Product overview

The VMZ-S3020 CNC video metrology system provides a 300mm x 300mm x 150mm (X,Y,Z) measuring envelope together with a choice of high quality optics and a TTL (through the lens) scanning laser as standard. The system offers the highest accuracy within the NEXIV range for  automated video measurement, providing high precision solutions for many applications in various sectors including automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, semiconductor and more. Top quality zoom optics provide high resolution at long working distances (Type 1,2,3). High magnification available with the Type 4 and TZ models enables measurement of features as small as 0.8 micron. The VMZ-H3030  is equipped with episcopic (top), diascopic (bottom) and two 8-segment ring LED illuminators. Combining these illuminators with superior optics provides accurate detection of low contrast edges.


Benefits & feature

nikon metrology video measuring systems nexiv vmzh3030 cnc measurement

CNC Measurement 

Nikon Metrology has drawn on state-of-the-art digital technology to produce a fully programmable, high speed, automated instrument for CNC measurement. The VMZ-H3030 is capable of extremely high accuracy (EUX,MPE, EUY,MPE : 0.6+2L/1000 µm), repeatable measurements of components across a broad range of industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, medical devices, electronics, semiconductors and more.

The system occupies minimal space yet offers high throughput of the components being inspected, providing a comprehensive quality control solution. The influence that the operator has on the process is minimised, leading to high consistency of results.

nikon metrology video measuring systems nexiv vmzh3030 optical performanceOptical Performance

Five types of optical head are available for many different measurement needs, utilising dedicated Nikon manufactured optics, making highly accurate and efficient dimensional measurements possible. Equipped with 15:1, five-position zoom that does not require calibration when magnification is changed (Type TZ has 8 zoom positions). Efficient program creation and dimensional measurements are achieved, as magnification can be changed at high speed whilst maintaining highly accurate operation.

Extremely reliable measurement results can be obtained throughout the field of view due to the special lenses optimised for dimensional measurement with low distortion. For high magnification applications such as inspection of a high density printed circuit board, semiconductor package or micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS), the type 4 and Type TZ are capable of 0.8 micron measurements.



nikon metrology video measuring systems inexiv vmzs3020 intelligent search

Intelligent Search Function

Even when a workpiece is misaligned, the system searches the target location without manual intervention, based on an image pattern recorded in a teaching file. It enables accurate, automatic measurement by eliminating detection and measurement errors.

The operator no longer needs to manually place single or multiple workpieces in correct alignment, as the NEXIV automatically corrects for any skew in their placement. Set-up by the operator is quicker and there is less reliance on expensive fixturing, saving costs, speeding throughput  and increasing measurement productivity. At the same time, operator overheads are reduced and human error virtually eliminated, leading to rapid payback on investment.



nikon metrology video measuring systems nexiv vmzs3020 effective illumination

Effective Illumination

The VMZ-H range standard heads (Type 1,2 & 3) are equipped with episcopic, diascopic, and 8-segment 3-position, LED ring illumination. Edges can be correctly detected with any combination of lighting and light quantity, even in samples with hard to detect height variations or chamfers, allowing reliable automatic measurements.

Consistent lighting provides reproducible measurements results across a range of parts of different colours. Quick response to lighting control exhibited by this type of source leads to increased measurement throughput. The ability to determine the position of an indistinct edge provides flexibility for tackling a wide range of applications throughout a multitude of industries. The low incidence angle of the ring illuminator is especially effective for measuring moulds, medical devices and other three-dimensional parts. Moreover, the extended life expectancy of LEDs reduces the long-term cost of ownership.



nikon metrology video measuring systems nexiv vmzs3020 ttl

Through The Lens (TTL) Scanning Laser

A through the lens (TTL) spot scanning laser is standard on VMZ-H models, achieving high measurement reproducibility in the Z direction (2σ ≤ 0.5 μm). Small variations in height are accurately detected. Operation is independent of magnification or illumination, providing the same performance throughout the zoom range. The ability to obtain sample cross-sections is also possible with high-speed laser scanning at 1,000 points per second.


nikon metrology video measuring systems nexiv vmzs3020 robust system design

Robust System Design

Nikon’s proprietary linear encoders with 0.01 μm resolution are built as standard into all axes to accurately detect linear position, providing stable measurement results with high accuracy.

A material close to that of the coefficient of thermal expansion is used in the guide rail of the main unit and measurement stage. This ensures there is little change in shape of the guide rail even with environmental temperature changes, minimising any impact on accuracy.

Nikon has achieved high-speed measurements, faster than conventional systems, through its pursuit of control technologies and stages capable of operating with high accuracy. Cycle time has been greatly reduced during the continuous automatic measurement of microsamples, such as semiconductor and electronic components, requiring numerous short-range movements.

nikon metrology video measuring systems inexiv vmzh3030 automeasureAutoMeasure

Designed exclusively for Nikon Metrology NEXIV instruments, AutoMeasure software is a complete measurement package providing programmable, user-friendly functionality. Users benefit from the help provided by an intuitive teaching wizard menu and an operation window with large icons that can be customised by selecting engineering mode or operator mode. A specific GUI environment can be stored with an individual ID. Programs can be stored with notes and images for easy recall if the same metrology job recurs.

The use of 2D CAD data aids programming. Optical scanning of 2D profiles may be further evaluated in the Profiler software option. Image capture capabilities include single, stitched and EDF (Extended Depth of Focus) images. Report generation includes dynamic data exchange (DDE) to Excel.



nikon metrology video measuring systems nexiv vmzs3020 profiler

NEXIV Profiler

The Profiler program makes it possible to measure and easily evaluate 2-dimensional profile shapes. Deviations between the measurement results and the nominal shape are graphically displayed on the monitor or printed out for easy evaluation. The program seamlessly links with AutoMeasure for fully automated evaluation. The export of a measured profile (DXF or IGES) is possible for reverse engineering.

Calculation of circular, planar and linear features and deviations is based on ISO and JIS. Nominal and measured shapes can be overlaid and errors visualised. A best-fit function shifts and rotates measured shapes to nominal shapes to minimise errors. The process is excellent for both geometrical and free-form shapes.


nikon metrology video measuring systems inexiv vmzs3020 virtual automeasureNEXIV Virtual AutoMeasure

The NEXIV Virtual AutoMeasure off-line teaching support programming software has an interface that allows CAD data to be read in a virtual video window on a separate computer. The operator is then able use NEXIV's teaching program with the same operational procedures as on the online computer. This eliminates the necessity to use the actual workpiece during training sessions and lets the NEXIV system concentrate on automatic measurement for increased productivity. The software supports IGES, DXF, DMIS, NC file and Gerber.

The software supports IGES, DXF, DMIS, NC file and Gerber.

nikon metrology video measuring systems inexiv vmzs3020 control programNEXIV Control Program

NEXIV Control Program enables multiple teaching files to be run sequentially according to set replay instructions. It simplifies the process of giving instructions to measure many different workpieces continuously, such as measurement of various dedicated jigs. The inspector’s operating environment can be separated from that of the system administrator, enabling organisation of inspection date, inspector, date of manufacture, lot number and other data. Automatic printing is linked to inspection sheets.

nikon metrology video measuring systems inexiv vmzs3020 edf stitchingNEXIV EDF/Stitching Express

NEXIV EDF/Stitching Express is an image analysis and archiving program, allowing further interrogation of images created in NEXIV AutoMeasure. 3D point data may be exported from an all-in-focus EDF image extracted from focused pixel information from multiple images at different Z axis levels. It also generates 2D stitched images with super-wide FOV from multiple images on the same XY plane captured by CNC stage movements. Output of reports to Excel is easy, enabling comprehensive image documentation.

nikon metrology video measuring systems nexiv vmzs3020 mapmeasure proMapMeasure Pro (Option)

With the ability to automatically measure any chip from creating a chip map, Map Measure Pro can easily specify any chip with just a click of the mouse on the GUI. Huge improvements in measuring efficiencies of standard arranged samples, such as wafers.



XYZ Strokes 300x300x150 mm
Minimum readout 0.01 μm
Maximum sample weight 30 kg (Accuracy guaranteed: 10 kg)
Maximum permissible error (for samples under 20 kg) EUX,MPE EUY,MPE: 0.6+2L /1000 μm
EUXY,MPE: 0.9+3L /1000 μm
EUZ,MPE: 0.9+L /150 μm
Accuracy guaranteed temperature 20 °C ± 0.5 K
Maximum driving speed XY, Z 100 mm/s , 50 mm/s
Minimum driving speed XY, Z 0.01 mm/s , 0.001 mm/s
Camera VGA 1/3“ B/W, Color, XGA 1/3“ B/W, Color *Color camera option is available only with Type 1, 2 and 3.
Working distance Type 1, 2, 3: 50 mm (10 mm when using 75 degree LED illumination) / Type 4: 30 mm
Type TZ: 31 mm (low magnification), 11 mm (high magnification)
Magnification and FOV Type 1: 0.5~7.5×/9.33×7.01~0.622×0.467 mm Type 2: 1~15×/4.67×3.5~0.311×0.233 mm
Type 3: 2~30×/2.33×1.75~0.155×0.117 mm Type 4: 4~60×/ 1.165×0.875~0.078×0.058 mm
Type TZ: 1~120×/4.67×3.5~0.039×0.029 mm
Autofocus TTL Laser AF/Image AF
Type 1, 2, 3, and 4 Episcopic, diascopic, and 8-segment ring with 3 angles *All white LED/Type 4 has only 1 angle
Type TZ Episcopic, diascopic, darkfield
Power source AC 100 - 240 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 5 A - 2.5 A
Dimensions & weight 
Main body with table (WxDxH) 1000×1125×1750 mm / approx. 500 kg
Controller 190×450×440 mm / approx. 20 kg
Footprint 3000×2800 mm


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