CMM-Manager multi-sensor metrology software

CMM-Manager is now owned by QxSoft

nikon metrology software CMM ManagerCMM-Manager is by far the most value-for-money multi-sensor inspection software that runs on nearly all manual, CNC and portable CMMs. Users accomplish more in less time with CMM-Manager, by automating serial inspection or by easily measuring a few features on the spot.

It is a task-oriented, highly intuitive software featuring quick walk-in measurement, one-click CAD measure, collision-free CAD teach, virtual simulation, real-time verification, CAD and datum alignment, and many more smart functions. CMM-Manager’s Windows graphical user interface makes the software even more informative and interactive.

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Key benefits

  • Focus on quick, accurate and graphic measurement results
  • Intuitive, yet very complete metrology software
  • Single software package for CNC, manual and portable measurement


  • Powertrain Components
  • Automotive Components Inspection
  • Turbine Blade Inspection
  • Medical Devices

Benefits & features

Plug’n play CMM software for manual, DCC and portable CMM touch trigger measurements

CMM-Manager supports tactile measurements using both manual and CNC CMMs as well as portable CMMs, such as an articulated arm and a K-CMM optical CMM. It is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use metrology software for inspection tasks at the shop floor covering a wide range of measurement volumes.

nikon metrology CMM-Manager CMM

nikon metrology CMM Manager K600

Quick walk-in-measurement

nikon metrology CMM-Manager screen5Simply walk up to the CMM, quickly align the part, and immediately measure geometric features and points on planes. When CAD is available, you can even pick features from 3D model to eliminate manually probing the work piece.

True click-and-measure capability

Using CMM-Manager’s true click-and-measure capability, the operator simply picks any feature from 3D CAD model. The software automatically selects the proper probing angles and generates a collision-free path. After confirming the selection, the CMM automatically measures the feature.

nikon metrology CMM-Manager click and measure

CAD-based graphic programming

nikon metrology CMM-Manager screen8The operator can quickly create inspection programs directly from the CAD model, using graphical programming tools available in CMM-Manager. These part programs can be easily modified and visually simulated to verify program execution.

Cross section & freeform surface scanning

nikon metrology CMM-Manager cross sectionin CMM-Manager, it is easy to define a cutting plane for cross section scanning or to pick a freeform surface for digitization.

Automatic collision avoidance

nikon metrology CMM-Manager automatic collisionCMM-Manager intelligently modifies probe motion to avoid any obstacles along the path once a probe collision is detected. As this is done automatically, it guarantees a completely collision-free inspection path.

Powerful datum alignment tool

nikon metrology CMM-Manager powerful alignment toolThe powerful datum alignment tool of CMM-Manager aligns a part to designated datum points. This soft fixturing function eliminates the need of dedicated hard fixtures and helps reduce expenditure of hard fixture fabrication and maintenance.

Audio / visual guidance

nikon metrology CMM-Manager guidanceWith this new feature, the user can set up a tolerance zone and CMM-Manager will change audio tone and color depending whether the probe is inside or outside the specified tolerance zone when the watch window is open.

Automatic probe recognition

nikon metrology CMM Manager TP200CMM-Manager automatically recognizes the probe that is used, saving inspection preparation time and avoiding flaws in measurement results.

PH20 supports triples CMM productivity

nikon metrology CMM Manager Alto PH20 2PH20 probe head support in CMM-Manager for Windows 7 drives fast, infinite, rotary positioning for high-speed point measurement with minimum CMM movement. The probe head brings five-axis inspection capability to smaller CMMs by optimizing the working volume of the measurement platform, increasing touch-trigger CMM inspection throughput up to three times.

Best-fit analysis for improved inspection accuracy

nikon metrology CMM-Manager drag and dropCMM-Manager has a built-in best-fit analysis engine to compare measurement data with the CAD model. This powerful best-fit function eliminates the influence of misalignment and cosine errors in tolerance evaluation to achieve the best inspection accuracy.


Drag-and-drop web-ready graphical reporting

nikon metrology CMM-Manager drag and drop reportingDrag-and-drop functions incorporated into CMM-Manager speed up graphic reporting. To instantly create a graphics report table, for example, the operator simply drags the appropriate item from the report database tree to the graphics report window. The software automatically generates inspection reports that serve as digital communication tools, graphically highlighting critical dimensions and point deviations. 

Leap frogging to extend measurement volume for portable measurement

In case the workpiece exceeds the available working volume, CMM-Manager supports moving or flipping the workpiece during the measurement process. This function enables a portable arm operator to measure workpieces larger than the working volume of the measurement system.

Available retrofits

  • Direct interface for CNC CMM retrofits:
    • LK, Metris, Sheffield, Cordax, Brown&Sharpe, Hexagon, Mitutoyo, Zeiss, Numerex, Starrett
    • Renishaw UCC1/UCC2 controller retrofits
  • Manual CMM retrofits:
    • Sheffield, Cordax, Brown&Sharpe, Hexagon, Mitutoyo, Zeiss, Numerex, Starrett
  • Articulated arm retrofits:
    • Metris MCA/  MCAII, MicroscribeX
    • Faro, Romer/Cimcore
  • Nikon Metrology K-Series Optical CMM

Available software options

  • Standard Version Allows CAD Import and Export
  • Lite Version allows CAD Export only
  • Native CAD Import allows import of Pro-E, SolidWorks, CATIA, UG, etc.
  • Gear module
  • Vision module



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