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Detector Evaluation Package (ASTM E2737)

With new automated analysis and unique performance tracking

automatic detector evaluationThe Nikon ASTM E2737 product enables users to evaluate and track the performance of a digital detector within a Nikon X-ray CT system, in accordance with the globally recognised ASTM E2737 standard. This product revolutionises detector performance evaluation, by streamlining user workflows with fully automated calculation of image quality parameters. 

Detector performance evaluation is enhanced by a unique, dedicated section for performance tracking and trend analysis, with full transparency of performance allowing the user to visualize trends before they reach user-defined limits. This can be performed with all of the performance parameters, including spatial resolution, contrast sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and many more.

The product is compatible with the full range of Nikon X-ray CT machines with custom-designed hardware to allow ease of setup, efficient workflows and automated reports.  All performance checks are in accordance with ASTM E2737 standard and is configurable for novice users and expert users.