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nikon metrology cmm automation standalone automationStand-alone CMM automation

Stand-alone CMM automation significantly increases CMM utilization and simplifies running inspection programs. Optimization of a component loading and program execution keeps the CMM measuring as efficiently as possible, and with minimal delays between each task. Selecting and running inspection programs is made easy by intuitive program menus and input devices for the operator, making the CMM a quality tool for production operators.


  • Improved quality control
    • Increased sample count inspection
    • Rapid detection of process variations
    • Better process control
    • Minimizes operator influence on metrology
  • Maximum throughput
    • Fully automatic measurement
    • Shuttle-style loading pallets
    • Inspect multiple parts in one cycle
    • Eliminates manual pre-datuming
    • Line-side measurement
  • Easy to operate
    • Automatic part and fixture recognition
    • Program selection from interface panel
    • Handheld devices for data input
    • Pallet transfer and loading system
Benefits & features

nikon metrology cmm automation standalone automation programCMM program menu for easy, error-free operation

Intuitive program menu allows users with minimal training to operate the CMM safely

  • Convenient touch screen interface
  • Component loading instructions
  • CMM program queueing
  • Multi-part loading
  • Advanced error recovery

nikon metrology cmm automation standalone automation input devicesInput devices for selecting programs

Easy to use input devices for manual program selection, entering production information and part recognition.

  • Bar code scanner
  • Operator interface panel
  • Customized software interface
  • Material management system (MRP)
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)

nikon metrology cmm automation standalone automation pallet systemEfficient sample loading with pallet systems

Pallets provide an efficient method of loading and transporting components, and ensure the component is positioned and supported correctly during measurement.

  • Repeatable kinematic location
  • Pneumatic/manual clamping
  • Fool proof pallet design
  • Part recognition
  • Pallet storage racks
  • Loading trolley
  • Conveyor system

nikon metrology cmm automation standalone automation anti vibrationShop floor ready CMMs with anti-vibration mounts

Pneumatic anti-vibration stands isolate the CMM from any low frequency vibration from nearby machinery and equipment, an environmental factor which can compromise CMM performance.

  • Automatic re-levelling after shifting centre of gravity
  • Precision height control +/-0.005mm
  • Special damping for rapid settling and stability
  • Resumes height after air supply interruption