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Img0081 edited SmallModelMaker H120 and MCAx S

Portable precision, detail and productivity

With more than 25 years of cutting-edge evolution and development, Nikon Metrology’s portable scanning solutions have led the path to solving many of measurement’s most challenging tasks. The combination of the industry leading ModelMaker H120 laser scanner, with the MCAx S articulated arm gives users a greater insight to improve quality, accelerate time-to-market, and streamline manufacturing processes. It guarantees unprecedented levels of detail and precision for a portable shop floor solution, regardless of user experience.

Precision and user confidence is confirmed by system scanning and arm probing accuracy certifications to the comprehensive ISO 10360-8 Annex D and ISO 10360-12 standards meeting modern industry expectations. The MCAx S arm further enhances the user experience by adding the ability to scan truly cable free, through high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power with absolutely no reduction in productivity.

Paired with the ModelMaker H120’s proven capabilities to measure challenging materials with exceptional detail at high speed, the MCAx S arm strengthens Nikon Metrology’s solution, enabling greater mobility to investigate production quality in all industrial applications.




overview main application compositeThe MCAx S arm and ModelMaker H120 laser scanner combine to optimise production workflow through rapid, reliable and accurate analysis of product dimensions, both freeform and geometric. Because of its flexibility this combination has proven to be an invaluable tool across many industries and workplaces from the shop floor to the metrology lab. 

  • Fast and accurate multi-sensor 3D inspection
  • Part-to-CAD inspection: first article inspection against CAD model
  • Inspection of geometric features
  • Gap-and-flush inspection
  • Reverse engineering: from concept studio clay to class A surfaces
  • Digitizing for additive manufacturing




Key system highlights


class leading handheld scanningClass-leading handheld scanning

Seamless high performance inspection is realized through the class-leading capabilities of the ModelMaker H120 scanner to measure small details with high accuracy on large parts in a short timeframe. The accuracy, ease-of-use and flexibility of the 7-axis MCAx S arm delivers precise probing in parallel to scanning.

  • Measure sharp edges and tiny details
  • Inspect large surface areas with speed
  • Freeform or geometric surfaces
  • Scan around and even inside large complex shapes



measure any materialMeasure any material

Nikon’s innovative and proven dynamic laser power control allows for almost any combination of materials to be scanned together without expert user knowledge. Paired with the MCAx S arm’s ability to have scanner and probe available simultaneously, tactile inspection of hidden details is possible.

  • Patented ESP real-time laser optimisation for every single point
  • Scan matte, reflective, black, near-transparent and multi-coloured surfaces at the same time
  • No productivity reduction for difficult materials
  • Scan soft touch or coated parts which could deform or be damaged by a touch probe
  • Tactile probe enables measurements of transparent materials or in deep recesses and confined areas


system stability and portabilitySystem stability and portability

The versatility of the system allows for use in any environment. With quick connection to a variety of mountings, users can define exactly where and for what application the system is used. Taking the system to the part that will be measured or production line saves valuable time and organization, allowing users to get the results they need quickly.

Thermal compensation combined with carbon materials for stability mean users can set up and immediately measure within specification every time.

  • Use in any industrial environment
  • Total thermally stability and zero warm up
  • Easy transportation in a single flight case and simple set-up
  • Measure parts ranging from millimetres to metres
  • Choice of tripods, bases and stands



wireless scanning 2Wireless scanning

High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power augments the total system with even greater levels of portability and ease of set-up. Scanning performance with ModelMaker H120 has exactly the same levels of accuracy, speed and quality regardless if using a cable or benefitting from the flexibility of full wireless operation.





ISO certification of system scanning performance

To provide total confidence in the solution, every delivered combination of ModelMaker H120 and MCAx S arm receives a system certification of the scanning performance according to ISO 10360-8:2013 Annex D.

icon 5 Articulated location error, optical
Defines the repeatability of the system (arm with optical sensor) measuring a calibrated sphere from different arm articulations and different orthogonal scan vectors in various locations in the arm volume.


The MCAx S arm also receives comprehensive certification of the probing performance to the ISO 10360-12:2016 standard.


software integrationsSoftware integrations

Time for measurement, analysis and design is compressed through rapid diagnosis of development and production issues, enabling completion of new products faster and with greater confidence while also meeting the highest quality standards.

Seamless integration and workflow with the major industry accepted point cloud inspection and reverse engineering application software of your choice.



ModelMaker H120 in detail


modelmaker h120 product imageUltra-fast high-definition 3D scanning

The cutting-edge ModelMaker H120 firmly pushes the ever-exacting boundaries of handheld laser scanning. Incorporating blue laser technology, ultra-fast frame rate, specially developed Nikon optics and the ability to measure the most challenging parts this represents the next generation of portable laser scanning. The H120 makes no compromises in addressing the market needs by efficiently delivering the most detailed and accurate data in a fraction of the time of competing technologies – no matter the size or the material.


Key benefits

  • Extremely low noise data thanks to Nikon lens and blue laser technology
  • Scanner accuracy of 7 microns
  • Able to measure the most precise details on parts of any size
  • Measures at over 450 stripes every second on all materials
  • Full Field-of-View indicator for precise scanning
  • Real-time optimization of the laser for every single measured point
  • Designed for use under all shop floor or field conditions


uncompromising performance 310 px widthUncompromising performance

The ModelMaker H120 guarantees fast data collection over a large area with no compromise on small details – offering great flexibility in a single solution even when cycle time is critical, no matter the type of parts measured.

By combining a frame rate of 450 Hz, a stripe width up to 120 mm and non-interpolated point spacing of 35 μm, users benefit from high productivity and detailed measurements optimised within a single sensor.

The MCAx S arm further enhances the user experience by adding the ability to scan truly cable free, through high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power with absolutely no reduction in speed, quality or data coverage.

The superior accuracy of the ModelMaker H120 sensor ensures it stands far apart from similarly perceived technology, further pushing the traditionally accepted boundaries of handheld laser scanners.


measure the most challenging materials 1Measure the most challenging materials

Patented Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP4) provides automatic real-time adjustment of the laser intensity for every single point in the same image frame. 

  • Ensures full data regardless of the laser line spanning materials of completely different optical properties.
  • Measure high contrast reflectivity changes, highly absorptive coatings, near-mirrored finishes and near-transparent materials.
  • No reduction in data rate, even when scanning wirelessly.

Intelligent reflection control further refines measurements of very shiny or polished materials by filtering out unwanted reflections.

This technology, refined over many years and proven in all Nikon laser scanners, gives the benefits of per point laser optimisation found in flying-spot scanners but packaged in a sensor with no moving parts that could suffer from acceleration effects that is not limited by large point spacing and slow frame rate due to galvanometer speed.

ESP4 does not rely on combining scan data points derived from several full frame images taken at different exposures and at slightly different positions. Making it more accurate than competing HDR techniques, which themselves often require reduced frame rates to operate.


Low noise data and very fine details

Expertly crafted bespoke in-house lens design enables the smallest structural resolution and lowest noise measurements in handheld scanning.

The specially developed Nikon optics and hand-assembled low-speckle blue laser source technology provide incredible details such as surface texture, very sharp edges and even dust, scratches and abrasions.

Nikon does not use interpolation techniques to increase data rates. Every point is an optically measured point.

low noise data and very fine details 780 px width


increased feature measurement precision 310 px widthIncreased feature measurement precision

The incredible dynamic range, pin sharp optics of the ModelMaker H120 and the flexibility of movement and accuracy of the MCAx S arm combine to provide measurements of parts other solutions cannot deliver.

Geometric feature measurements are more exact than ever due the clarity of data on thin-walled parts such as sheet metal, giving much more statistical information for truly repeatable feature fitting or trim edge extraction than can be achieved using tactile CMM technology.

This allows precise form inspection, reaching a level of detail far beyond traditional position, size and orientation.









h120 door inner espStart measuring immediately

System set-up requires no special network settings, boots-up within seconds and eliminates warm-up thanks to scanner thermal compensation. Paired with the structural rigidity, thermal stability and absolute encoder technology of the MCAx S arms, users can switch on and start confidently collecting accurate data straightaway.




enhanced user experience 310 px widthEnhanced user experience

Innovative and valuable functionality such as contrasting full field of view projector, excellent tactile probe clearance, compact size and ability to measure almost any part without changing settings gives the user all the assurance and feedback needed to concentrate purely on the measurement task.





MCAx S in detail

arm intro

Delivering a new level of portable scanning performance

MCAx S is a precise, reliable and easy-to-use 7-axis portable articulated coordinate measuring arm able to measure around and even inside large parts without constraints. It is the perfect partner for the industry leading ModelMaker H120 laser scanner and has seamless integrations to a variety of industry accepted metrology software suites.

The arm’s accuracy, capability and portability make it an optimal measurement companion in the metrology lab, on the shop floor or in the field.

Ranging in size from 2.0 to 4.5 m and with three performance levels to suit all budgets or application accuracy, it is compatible with tripods and other bases allowing freedom to select the right mounting for the task in hand. Infinite rotation and 7-axis freedom of movement give unrestricted reach in and around parts. Thermal stability and advanced encoder technology eliminate warm up, reducing setup and inspection time.

The MCAx S offers true multi-probing. Alongside the scanner, tactile probes can be used in parallel to measure geometric features or hard to reach areas. Advances such as automatic intelligent pre-selection of scanner or probe depending on type of measurement enhances ease-of-use for full remote operation of the solution.


Key benefits

  • ISO 10360-12 certification
  • Thermal stability and advanced encoder technology eliminate warm-up
  • Infinite rotation and 7-axis freedom of movement for unrestricted reach in and around parts
  • Clear system feedback with integrated visual, audio and haptic indicators
  • Safe and secure locking and relocating
  • Versatile mounting with magnetic bases, vacuum bases, stands or tripods
  • Optional wireless usage for up to four hours at full scanning speed


For any task

  Accuracy 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5
 MCAx S++ Ultra-high  N/A
 MCAx S+ High
 MCAx S Standard

The MCAx S arms range in size from 2.0 to 4.5 m and 3 performance levels for user choice of the optimal system configuration.

Each arm comes with a Control Pack for fast and reliable single cable connectivity and AC power as well as a base plate for users to mount the system to a table.

To enhance the portability of the system, users can specify the Wireless Control Pack, providing 4 hours of autonomous scanning from a Wi-Fi connection and dual battery power. Users are free to select additional mounts such as tripods or magnetics bases to further optimise the solution for their application.


intelligent multi probingIntelligent multi-probing

Seamless integration of the ModelMaker H120 laser scanner with the MCAx S arm provides high-performance non-contact data capture. With the scanner positioned away from the probe, tactile accessibility and ability reach into tight spaces is optimal.

Automatic pre-selection and switching between scanner and probe enhances productivity. Simply choose to probe a feature and the system automatically selects the connected probe. Choose to scan a surface or a feature and the system automatically selects the ModelMaker H120.

The ergonomic handgrip, user configurable multi-functional buttons and repeatable, auto-recognised scanner and probe mounting provide comfortable and easy operation. The integrated LED wrist screen gives status updates close to the point of measurement and can remotely invoke useful tools such as accuracy verifications.

A large range of straight and angled probes as well as touch-trigger probes is available for tactile versatility, complementing the standard three probes included with every system.


ISO 10360-12 certification

Every MCAx S arm supplied with a comprehensive certification to the ISO 10360-12:2016 standard, giving clear understanding of the overall tactile probing performance to meet modern industry expectations.

 icon 1 Length measurement error, unidirectional
Defines the maximum permissible error of over 100 uni-directionally measured lengths, representing the global (or volumetric) accuracy.
 icon 2 Probing form error, tactile
Defines the maximum permissible error in form measurement of a sphere, representing probed feature noise.
 icon 3 Probing size error, tactile
Defines the maximum permissible error of sphere diameter, representing probed feature size accuracy.
 icon 4 Articulated location error, tactile
Defines the maximum permissible error in sphere location measured from different arm poses, representing probed feature repeatability.


precision measurements immediatelyPrecision measurements, immediately

High performance specifications such as length accuracy from just 0.029 mm and feature size from just 0.010 mm can be realised without waiting for the system to reach working temperature. The MCAx S arm performs within specification straight from the box.

Productivity is paramount and accurate measurements are available immediately after set-up, either tactile or using the temperature compensated ModelMaker H120 laser scanner.

System warm up is unnecessary thanks to the negligible thermal expansion properties and stiffness of high-tech carbon fibre materials along with the rigid structural design offering temperature stability and long-term mechanical strength.

Probe and scanner mounting is repeatable and each specific probe’s calibration parameters are automatically used so no time is wasted.

To save time, absolute encoders remove the need to reference every axis and simple plug and play connectivity means there is no need to reconfigure default PC Ethernet or Wi-Fi network settings.


Designed for safe and stress-free handling

The MCAx S arm features many design elements improving accuracy, ease-of-use and safety such as rotating grips and secure locking.

  • S++ and S+ model users benefit from reduced inertia thanks to low resistance rotating grips.
  • Integrated counterbalance for lightweight freedom of movement and minimal user fatigue.
  • Secure locking of the arm for reassurance during repositioning between measurements.
  • Optimised wrist docking for a safe but ready-to-measure position protects the scanner and probe.

designed for safe and stress free handling


user feedbackUser feedback

For total clarity  of measurement activity and system status in any environment, the MCAx S provides easy to interpret visual, audio and haptic indications:

  • Bluetooth® connectivity for external speakers or headphones to enhance the volume of the already comprehensive range of built in acoustic prompts.
  • Simple multi-coloured visual pictograms on the arm base display connectivity and power status.
  • Haptic feedback via wrist vibration indicates approach of a joint hard stop.
  • Large, easy to read on screen messaging.

The integrated wrist screen enables users to monitor status without looking away and can remotely invoke probe calibration and accuracy checking without touching the PC.


wireless scanningWireless scanning

With the optional Wireless Control Pack, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and dual hot-swappable batteries augment the system with true cable-free usage. Scan wirelessly for up to 4 hours using the ModelMaker H120 with no reduction in data speed or quality.

For demanding applications requiring total wireless operation over extended periods, additional batteries and external battery charging capability is available.

Standard Control Pack connectivity included with every system gives robust single cable Ethernet Gigabit data transfer and AC power.



mobile convenienceMobile convenience

Incorporating all the essential hardware elements needed for table set up, measurement and accuracy verification, the precision cut foam inside the shock-proof wheeled flight case gives optimal protection to both the ModelMaker H120 scanner and MCAx S arm.

A fitted dust cover, supplied with every system, protects and keeps the solution clean when not in use.




mounting versatilityMounting versatility

The integrated 3.5 in x 8 adapter gives freedom to choose exactly the right mounting for the application, providing secure installation within seconds:

  • Bolt-down, magnetic or vacuum bases for table-top mounting
  • Heavy duty mobile or fixed stands for shop floor mounting
  • Portable tripods for measurement on different sites









ModelMaker H120 & MCAx S
ModelMaker H120 & MCAx S

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