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Inspect-X:  X-ray and CT acquisition and processing software

nikon metrology software x ray ct Inspect XInspect-X has been designed around the user experience, resulting in intuitive and productive X-ray inspection. Inspect-X features user friendly wizards to guide users through complex inspections, as well as utilizing the most advanced visualization and analysis function capabilities. XT V systems with Inspect-X enable rapid deployment of new product lines, within minutes, rather than hours or days.


  • Focused on increasing productivity for electronics X-ray inspection
  • Workflow based – all necessary controls available to the user’s process
  • Interactive visualization or fully automatic inspection
  • Ultra sharp images for correct decision-making
  • High-resolution and high-magnification imaging reveals all defects
  • Component specific automated pass/fail analysis for BGA, bond wires
  • Automatic HTML report generation
  • Integrated CT acquisition
  • Minimum training time
Benefits & features

nikon metrology software x ray ct Inspect X real time xray inspectionReal time X-ray inspection

  • On-screen joysticks and mouse gestures, as well as conventional intuitive joystick control, for interactive live part positioning
  • Variable magnification and tilted viewing angle allow real time detection of defects such as head-in-pillow
  • Magnification, tilt and rotate in all positions whilst maintaining a region of interest consistently locked into the center of the field-of-view
  • C.Clear imaging engine provides crystal-clear live images
  • Real-time imager for interactive visualization

nikon metrology software x ray ct Inspect X C clear comparisonImage enhancement and analysis

C.Clear intelligently adapts to changing X-ray conditions and sample positions, automatically adjusting image controls, contrast and brightness in order to provide the clearest and sharpest images to aid in defect recognition. Real-time enhancements and filters can be chosen and stored as user profiles to suit different sample types or individual operator preferences.

With C.Clear, operators can make fast and well-informed decisions, enabling defects to be detected correctly first time, especially for hard to detect faults within multi-tier BGA or complex bond wires. The C.Clear imaging engine enables manufacturers to increase inspection throughput and to reduce false call rates, leading to improved quality and efficiency.

  • Real-time enhancements and filters stored as user profiles to suit different sample types or individual operator preferences
  • Image processing filters (sharpen, smooth, edge detect, emboss, background subtract, etc.)
  • Image histogram

BGA analysis tool: Next-generation automated defect analysis

The new BGA tool provides powerful image processing, fully automated analysis and detailed reporting to inspect complex packages such as Package on Package (PoP) or dual-layered boards. With its powerful image processing algorithm, the tool gives accurate results even in complex board assemblies with underside components. The tool allows creation of an internal library of bGA templates using a wizard or via file import to reduce the time taken to build automated pass/fail inspection routines.

The BGA device inspection functionality is an ‘all-in-one’ tool offering automatic analysis of:

  • Voiding (single and total ball percentage)
  • Ball circularity
  • Ball count
  • Bridging
  • Pass/Fail detection

nikon metrology software x ray ct Inspect X bga analyis wizardBGA template definition wizard nikon metrology software x ray ct Inspect X bga analyis reportReport indicating BGA voids that are in or out of tolerance



nikon metrology software x ray ct Inspect X bond wire analysisBond wire analysis

Featuring high magnification and (sub)micron feature detection, the XT V platforms equipped with Inspect-X are a powerful tool for advanced bond wire inspection.  The new automated multi-bond wire tool provides repeatable inspection with the highest accuracy.

  • Identrify and detect broken bond wires and wire sweep with pass/fail status
  • Automatically analyze multiple bond wires on a device in a single inspection
  • Component templates can be saved to an internal library, aiding rapid future builds of inspection routines

nikon metrology software x ray ct Inspect X reportInsightful reporting

Inspect-X provides a suite of easy-to-use tools and customizable HTML templates for endless real-time or automated reporting possibilities. Reports can be easily shared with colleagues or suppliers to facilitate decision-making. Results are available for offline analysis and troubleshooting on validation station.

Maximize productivity

nikon metrology software x ray ct Inspect X maximize productivityInspect X automation

Operating in automated inspection mode, the XT V combined with Inspect-X is a productive X-ray solution for repeated inspection of PCBAs, semiconductor components and complex high density boards. Creation and execution of inspection routines is straightforward, utilizing the graphical interface or teach and learn.

  • Macros for automating simple repetitive tasks
  • Inspection programs for automated inspection and analysis of full boards or multiple components
  • Automated inspection programs require no programming skills, utilizing graphical interface or teach and learn
  • Intelligent program control (ipc) for complete customizable system control
  • Off-line validation station giving maximum efficiency of the X-ray system
  • HTML reporting function, readable on any pc with no special software
  • Switch seamlessly between radiographic (2D) and CT (3D) modes in one single software
  • Visual check during automated inspection routine allows interactive inspection

nikon metrology software x ray ct Inspect X integrated ct acquisitionIntegrated CT acquisition

Users requiring detailed insight of (multi-layer) electronic components can benefit from the optional Computed Tomography functionality for a full 3D view of internal structure.

  • CT acquisition and analysis as factory option or field upgrade
  • Easy, user guided, CT data collection
  • Fast rescan – rescan in only two steps
  • World-leading reconstruction times
  • Automatic reconstruction of CT data streamed from XT V system
  • Powerful CT analysis in the software of your choice
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