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In-line CMM automation - Greatest prospect for increased competitiveness

nikon metrology cmm automation inline automation

In-line CMM measurement allows automated manufacturing cells to increase product quality and production efficiency. Rapid detection of process variation enables corrective actions in real-time while maintaining the continuous flow of production.


  • Improved quality control
    • Continuous stream of reliable data
    • Rapid detection of process variation
    • Independent verification of quality
    • Eliminates operator influence on metrology
  • Increased efficiency
    • Control and optimize production in real-time
    • Update machine tool settings automatically
    • Eliminates transporting parts to and from the CMM
    • Maintain continuous flow of production
  • Complete traceability
    • Central database with all manufacturing
    • Store inspection data for every manufactured part
    • Track components as they progress production
    • Share track and trace data with upstream partners
Benefits & features

Software – The core of the automation process

Nikon Metrology provides a modular suite of software solutions for automated in-line CMM measurement, manufacturers have the option to choose just the functionality they need.

CMM automation software allows integration of the CMM within an automated manufacturing cell. The manufacturing cell control system operates the CMM remotely over a local network. CMM sequencing is easily configured to suit each installation and expandable as requirements change.

CAMIO software provides advanced programming and reporting functionality for a wide range of CMM applications. For the most advanced automation systems logic control is also available at the CMM program level using DMIS high programming language.

 nikon metrology cmm automation inline automation software

Shop floor CMMs ready for in-line inspection

Designed around the demanding requirements of shop floor automation, Nikon metrology specializes in a range of ceramic CMMs for in-line measurement.

  • Ultra-stable ceramic design
  • Protected moving guideways
  • Pneumatic anti-vibration stands
  • Flexible multi-sensor probing
  • Precision air-bearing technology

nikon metrology cmm automation inline automation shopfloor cmm

nikon metrology cmm automation inline automation cmm integrationCMM integration

Proven solutions for in-line CMM integration with automated manufacturing cells incorporating a variety of production equipment and systems.

  • CNC machine
  • Transfer system
  • Robot handler
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Material planning safety system
  • Wash plants

Visual, audio and wireless indication of CMM status and other process events, automatic monitoring enables a quick response should the unexpected occur.

  • Tower lights
  • Text alerts
  • PC alerts
  • Production board updates