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CMM-Manager - Expand the capabilities of multi-sensor CAD based measurement

nikon metrology software cmm manager for inexivCMM-Manager is task-oriented, highly intuitive and offers powerful measuring and reporting capabilities. Main features are collision-free CAD-based path definition, virtual path simulation and accurate feature measurement for both tactile and vision probing

Key benefits

  • Intuitive - Task-oriented, user-friendly interface
  • Easy – Drag and drop program structure
  • Powerful - CAD based alignment, programming, measurement & reporting
  • Flexible - Unified CMM, arm & vision software
  • True 3D multi-sensor - Vision / Laser AF / Tactile / Rotary indexer
Benefits & features
Multi-sensor 3D CAD collision-free measurement
Rotary indexer

Complete alignment toolbox

  • nikon metrology CMM manager for inexiv alignment toolboxCanned alignments for simple part geometry
  • Advanced alignments for any part regardless of complexity or geometry
  • Create alignment from features measured by touch probe, vision sensor or laser AF
  • CAD import - 2D DXF / IGES - 3D IGES / STEP - 3D Native formats

Efficient measurements

  • nikon metrology CMM manager for inexiv efficient measurementsPick CAD features to create collision-free probe paths for tactile and vision measurements
  • Seamless transition from touch probe, vision probe and laser AF measurements
  • Optimize measurement routine by drag-n-drop program editing

Rotary indexer stage for optimal accessibility

nikon metrology software cmm manager for inexiv rotary indexerCMM-Manager supports rotary indexer that allow optimal accessibility for cylindrical or free form parts. The ultra-precise rotary indexer has different fixturing to accommodate  small to medium sized parts.

Extensive reporting

nikon metrology CMM manager for inexiv extensive reportingPrint, save or output reports to external systems such as SPC software.

  • Excel, PDF, Text, HTML, CSV
  • 3D Color Graphical Reports
  • Cross section analysis
  • GD&T - ASME Y14.5 2009

Automated program execution

  • Batch execution for multi-part inspection
  • Automated measurement for parts arranged in rectangular grid
  • Create custom program library with Shop Floor Launcher
CMM-Manager for iNEXIV
CMM-Manager for iNEXIV
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CMM-Manager for iNEXIV
CMM-Manager for iNEXIV