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nikon metrology xray ct configurable ct C2 large envelopC2 Extra large-envelope X-ray/CT inspection system

The C2 platform is a high-precision, extra large-envelope modular inspection system. The metrology-grade granite base provides the foundation for the patented ultra-precise and stable 7-axis manipulator.

Supporting dual sources up to 450 kV offers the necessary power to penetrate through high-density parts and generate scatter-free CT volumes with micron accuracy. The system is available with a flat panel detector and a proprietary Curved Linear Array (CLA) detector that optimizes the collection of the X-rays without capturing the undesired scattered X-rays.

The linear detector produces stunning image sharpness and contrast by avoiding image pollution and associated contrast reduction. The C2 is ideal for the inspection of parts ranging in size from small, low-density samples to large, high-density materials.


  • Patented ultra precise and stable manipulator
  • Extra large inspection envelope
  • Install into existing radiation enclosure or supplied with new modular radiation enclosure
  • Patented microfocus X-ray tube technology, available in 225 kV, 320 kV and 450 kV
  • Supports dual x-ray tubes
  • Supports dual detectors
  • Large format 16-bit detector technology
  • Exclusive Curved Linear Diode Array technology
  • Intuitive software interface
  • Advanced 3D visualization and analysis
  • Customizable macros to automate work flow


  • Aerospace structures
  • Evaluation of precision parts and large castings, complex mechanisms and internal components
  • Part-to-CAD comparison
  • Reverse engineering
  • Detailed failure analysis
  • Advanced material research and analysis of biological structures
  • Digital archiving of models
Configurable X-ray CT systems
Configurable X-ray CT systems

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Configurable X-ray CT systems
Configurable X-ray CT systems

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